Obummer' March to Dictatorship

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    In ancient times, if a king did not like the report brought back to him, he would sometimes kill the messenger. It’s looking more and more like that’s how President Obama wants to deal with media who refuse to report news the way he wants it reported. His target these days is Fox News. He wants to change the way the conservative network reports the news.

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    Every dictator seeks to control the media. That’s been easy for Obama because 85 percent of mainstream media are already liberal, by their own admission. Check out my latest blog post to learn how Obama has now shifted his blame game from former President George W. Bush to Fox News.Click here.

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    His time of rule is about up.
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    That may depend on how the election in November goes.
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    You mean IF the election in November goes.
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    That too.
    Although I don't see the dictator wannabe having as much problem giving up power to Hilary as he would giving it up to Trump.
    He wants to see his legacy of the complete American teardown continue.
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    remember people he still has time to declare martial law then we the people will have to start watering the tree of liberty
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