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    A Good Read

    I'm a 54-year old consulting engineer and make between $60,000 and $125,000 per year, depending on how hard I work and whether or not there are work projects out there for me.

    My girlfriend is 61 and makes about $18,000 per year, working as a part-time mail clerk.

    For me, making $60,000 a year, under ObamaCare, the cheapest, lowest grade policy I can buy, which also happens to impose a $5,000 deductible, costs $482 per month.

    For my girlfriend, the same exact policy, same deductible, costs $1 per month. That's right, $1 per month. I'm not making this up.

    Don't believe me? Just go to http://www.coveredca.gov/ , the ObamaCare website for California and enter the parameters I've mentioned above and see for yourself. By the way, my zip code is 93940. You'll need to enter that.

    So OK, clearly ObamaCare is a scheme that involves putting the cost burden of healthcare onto the middle and upper-income wage earners.

    But there's a lot more to it. Stick with me.

    And before I make my next points, I'd like you to think about something:

    I live in Monterey County, in Central California. We have a large land mass but just 426,000 residents - about the population of Colorado Springs or the city of Omaha.

    But we do have a large Hispanic population, including a large number of illegal aliens, and to serve this group we have Natividad Medical Center, a massive, Federally subsidized county medical complex that takes up an area about one-third the size of the Chrysler Corporation automobile assembly plant in Belvedere, Illinois (per Google Earth)

    Natividad has state-of-the-art operating rooms, Computed Tomography and Magnetic Resonance Imaging, fully equipped, 24 hour emergency room, and much more.

    If you have no insurance, if you've been in a drive-by shooting or have overdosed on crack cocaine, this is where you go. And it's essentially free, because almost everyone who ends up in the ER is uninsured.

    Last year, 2,735 babies were born at Natividad. 32% of these were born to out-of-wedlock teenage mothers, 93% of which were Hispanic.

    Less than 20% could demonstrate proof of citizenship, and 71% listed their native language as Spanish. Of these 876 births, only 40 were covered under [any kind of] private health insurance. The taxpayers paid for the other 836.

    And in case you were wondering about the entire population - all 2,735 births - less than 24% involved insured coverage or even partial payment on behalf of the patient to the hospital in exchange for services. Keep this in mind as we move forward.

    Now consider this:

    If I want to upgrade my policy to a low-deductible premium policy, such as what I had with my last employer, my cost is $886 per month.

    But my girlfriend can upgrade her policy to the very same level, for just $4 per month.

    That's right, $4 per month. $48 per year for a zero-deductible, premium healthcare policy - the kind of thing you get when you work at IBM (except of course, IBM employees pay an average of $170 per month out of pocket for their coverage).

    I mean, it's bad enough that I will be forced to subsidize the ObamaCare scheme in the first place. But even if I agreed with the basic scheme, which of course I do not, I would never agree to subsidize premium policies.

    If I have to pay $482 a month for a budget policy, I sure as hell do not want the guy I'm subsidizing to get a better policy, for less than 1% of what I have to fork out each month for a low-end policy.

    Why must I pay $482 per month for something the other guy gets for a dollar?

    And why should the other guy get to buy an $886 policy for $4 a month?

    Think about this: I have to pay $10,632 a year for the same thing that the other guy can get for $48.

    $10,000 of net income is 60 days of full time work as an engineer; $48 is something I could make collecting aluminum cans and plastic bottles, one day a month.

    Are you with me on this? Are you starting to get an idea what ObamaCare is really about?

    ObamaCare is not about dealing with inequities in the healthcare system. That's just the cover story.

    The real story is that it is a massive, political power grab.

    Do you think anyone who can insure himself with a premium policy for $4 a month will vote for anyone but the political party that provides him such a deal?

    ObamaCare is about enabling, subsidizing, and expanding the Left's political power base, at taxpayer expense.

    Why would I vote for anyone but a Democrat if I can have babies for $4 a month?

    For that matter, why would I go to college or strive for a better job or income if it means I have to pay real money for healthcare coverage? Heck, why study engineering when I can be a schlub for $20K per year and buy a new F-150 with all the money I'm saving?

    And think about those $4-a-month babies - think in terms of propagation models. Think of just how many babies will be born to irresponsible, under-educated mothers. Will we get a new crop of brain surgeons and particle physicists from the dollar baby club, or will we need more cops, criminal courts and prisons?

    One thing you can be certain of: At $4 a month, they'll multiply, and multiply, and multiply.

    ObamaCare: It's all about political power.

    Remember folks, November 2016 is just around the corner. If you want to continue this kind of redistribution of wealth, then don't "forward" this email. But if you are sick and tired of the money grab by the current administration, then "forward" this email to everyone in your Address Book. VOTE IN 2016!!!!

    One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors. Plato
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    Voting and participating in politics are two different things. Don't get that confused.

    It's tyranny. There is a solution but its not what people want to hear. You have to be willing to fight and to die for freedom. It comes at the highest of costs: that of blood. People will bitch all day about the problems but when it comes down to making a better world for their kids few are willing to do what is needed.

    "Finance is a gun. Politics is knowing when to pull the trigger."
    -the Godfather
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    We do not have a health care program in the US for any people paying for their care, we have a health care insurance system in which the well and the wealthy subsidize the ill and the poor and then they pass laws that those buying the insurance can not limit the costs of supplying medical care. System is set up to make everyone but the working middle class worker happy and to make the maximum profits for everyone in the system.
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    I have been listening to the political candidates. I think it was Cruz that said when elected he would get rid of every piece of Obamacare. We have been hearing this campaign promise for years and no one has done anything. The one question I have for all these politicians is once you abolish Obamacare then what? Obama signed Obamacare into law in 2010. Since that time healthcare premiums have risen, I would estimate about 7% every year. Coverage is down, out of pocket is up. Health care premiums are expensive, I have been looking into buying a dental plan. Bottom-line is health care and dental are a luxury but a very important thing. So we have heard the talking points on abolishing Obamacare but I would like an original idea on how the middle class can provide medical and dental to their family. Right now I see people paying more for healthcare premiums then their mortgage.
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    The problem with our health care is that the normal market system does not work. For a market system to work you need a supply and a demand system to establish a market price that allocates the goods and a knowledge of the market in order to make a rational decision on buying the goods. This allows the buyer to buy goods at the lowest cost from the seller who is the most efficient producer and drives costs down or up until the market is cleared. The major function of the market in the long run is to ration out the available goods at some price in order to allow the goods produced meet the amount the buyers demand and that they can afford to buy. There are several ways to work around this problem and all of them have serious flaws as they require bypassing the market system.

    Most of the rest of the world has went to some form of single payer health care system, in reality it has been nationalized and is run by the government. The market system is bypassed and the sellers are told what they can sell and what the price will be and the government picks up the tab.The buyers are told what they can receive and some form of government rationing allocates the goods and the individual receiving the goods pays for them indirectly through his taxes. You can call it a premium or whatever, but it is a tax. The rationing usually uses time, you wait 6 months for non critical care, demand restrictions, most plastic surgery is not covered, or most expensive drugs and medical devices are not covered, or "regulations", hip replacement surgery is not available to those over 80, or with other serious medical conditions. This bypasses the market and allows everyone to have some government allocated amount of care at some price the system has decided it can afford.

    The US has the worst of all worlds system. The sellers in the market control the system and are using the legal system control the supply. A drug has to be approved by the FDA and when it is the patent system allows the seller to charge what he wishes. The normal market system would use this system to encourage new drugs and devices and to advance the development of new goods. Where the system breaks down is that the buyer does not directly pay for the good and has no real knowledge of how well it works, the doctor tells him he needs a $14,000 a year heart drug that is no more effective than asprin and he is going to question the doctors decision, and the government or your health insurance in most cases pays for it. The doctor tells you that you need a $20,000 MRI or a $1500 blood test, you are going to tell him no when it is a covered benefit or it is paid for by medicare, medicaid, etc. The hospital or clinic can charge what they wish as you can not call 6 places and see who will do it cheaper. The number of beds in the area is controlled and the access to those bed is controlled by the medical system and the price is set by the system. A very few people are now going to India or other places for medical care and supply and demand for that small group has driven costs down to a fraction o the cost of our US prices. Drugs were cheaper from Canada and Mexico for those who wished to purchase them with their own money and since they were "legal" drugs, the patent holders were being paid a price that they were willing to accept in Canada. This is just a few examples of the distortions in the market on the part of the sellers.

    The demand for goods is just as distorted. Health care is a "right" and we deserve the care even if we can not "afford" it. Thus we get a system where one "person" pays nothing for his care and another pays for his care and that other "persons" care as well. Either through direct taxation Medicaid etc, or indirect taxation, health care preminums or subsidized care added to your bill.

    There is no answer that will supply low cost medical care to all, allow the suppliers to make the maximum profit , and be paid by no one, thus all you are going to hear from any politician is a bunch of confusing ideas that promise everyone everything and will never work.
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    And this is a cut and paste from...where? Please provide the link for legal reasons and to share from the source.
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    I actually would like to see the original posting. This has been cut and pasted all over the net. Been making the rounds for well over 2 years now. And still can't find the original attribution.
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    Don't know the original, but as a 78 year old still working, I see it happening all the time in my life. The person who never worked or saved gets everything paid for and I have to pay all the time. Medicare costs the wife and I about $750 a month, Medicaid for the "poor" is free, my mother in law spent $250 a day for nursing home care, not covered by Medicare, the state and Medicaid pay all the nursing home expenses of the "poor" and my house and 401k are "assets" that have to be spent down before we are qualified for any money.
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    Trust me, I know. I make descent money, but I'm always broke. Most of my income goes to medical for my wife and daughter. And I'm now a single income home. (Wife can no longer work.)
    But without a source, I'm not sharing that data, or using it to make decisions.
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