Odd arrest near Gaston, NC

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    Photo of man on link


    Feds are investigating man arrested in Gaston
    By Adam Linhardt
    2008-03-01 23:44:00
    GASTONIA — A man from the Czech Republic arrested after Highway Patrol troopers in Gaston County found him on Saturday driving a fake police car piqued the interest of the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and federal immigration officials.

    Law enforcement officials say the man’s vehicle resembled an unmarked police car.

    Troopers say Milan Krivsky, 32, formerly of O’Fallen, Mo., was driving a black Jeep Grand Cherokee 81 mph in a 60-mph zone in a northbound lane of I-85 when he was stopped near the Mount Holly exit.

    Trooper J.J. Letcavage said Krivsky gave him an international driver’s license and a Missouri ID card.

    There was a Department of Homeland Security sticker on the rear of the vehicle, Letcavage said. Troopers found blue lights, sirens, video cameras, laptops, video and voice recorders mounted throughout the vehicle. There also was a working radar gun.

    Letcavage said he plugged the gun in and used it to clock cars on I-85. “It works,” the trooper said. “It’s made by the same company that makes the equipment we use.”

    “I was most concerned with the duffel bag containing duct tape, box cutters and gloves,” Letcavage said.

    The contents of that duffel bag and other evidence prompted troopers to call federal agents, troopers said.

    After Krivsky consented to a search, troopers say they found a passport that stated Krivsky entered the United States in 1998.

    And there was a laptop computer containing pornographic images that was turned over to federal officials. Trooper Letcavage and Trooper David Ferguson declined to comment on the specifics of what they found on the laptop.

    “He claimed he just moved to the Hickory area and that he’s staying in a hotel,” Letcavage said.

    Letcavage said date books indicated that Krivksy has been traveling across the U.S. and Europe for the last seven years.

    “He said he was selling all this stuff on eBay,” Letcavage said. “He was depositing a lot of money all over the place, according to his books — spreading thousands of dollars across banks all over the U.S.”

    Krivsky told troopers he grew up in Prague, the capital of the eastern European nation of the Czech Republic, and that he was a city police officer there.

    “Nothing was really adding up,” the trooper said. “He had all these monitors to view video, a lot of the mini DVDs that go in video cameras, sirens that were mounted and sound just like ours, the blue lights, strobes on all four corners of the SUV, binoculars — and the windows were blacked out, plus he had sun shades on the windows. It was very suspicious.”

    There was also quite a few cell phones in the car, Letcavage said.

    “He wouldn’t give us the password to turn them on,” the trooper said. “He wouldn’t answer any questions about his business — money questions.”

    There were other items collected from the vehicle that both troopers declined to comment on.
    “We turned those things over to the FBI and Department of Homeland Security,” Letcavage said.

    There were no firearms and no drugs in the SUV, Ferguson said. Krivsky does not have a criminal history in the U.S., Letcavage said.

    “He was very calm, very clean guy,” Letcavage said. “Well groomed, cool and collected. Not nervous at all, none of those things we generally look for. When he was in my patrol car he was looking at the equipment and even said at one point, ‘I’ve got a video recorder just like this.’ It was very strange.”

    Krivsky’s visa runs out in July, Letcavage said.

    Krivsky was charged with speeding, operating a fictious law enforcement vehicle and possession of a blue light, according to jail records.

    Krivsky was booked into Gaston County Jail on $1,000 bond.

    The SUV was impounded pending a federal investigation, troopers said.

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    Probably a rapist who sells the videos.
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    sounds like a spook the only question is which country is paying him.
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    [nothome]serial killer,who impersonates a cop...[siren]ohno[nothome]
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    A blue Light eh?, Well damn now I feel more safe without all those loose blue lights out there.

    K-Mart is gonna get screwed if their specials ever become public.
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