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Odd sign in issue

Discussion in 'Technical' started by NotSoSneaky, Feb 16, 2014.

  1. NotSoSneaky

    NotSoSneaky former supporter

    When I try to sign in I get this message:
    "Cookies are required to log in to this site. You will not be able to login until they are accepted."

    I am set to accept cookies.

    I then sign in again and all is well.

    Whasup wit dat?
  2. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn Mosquito Sailor Site Supporter+

    somebody is just Monkeying with you [lolol]
  3. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn Mosquito Sailor Site Supporter+

    You will probably Survive. [touchdown].
    Sorry I am feeling a bit ornery this morning.
  4. NotSoSneaky

    NotSoSneaky former supporter

    Bad monkey you ! [tongue]

  5. melbo

    melbo Hunter Gatherer Administrator Founding Member

    not sure, possible a setting in your browser?
    I haven't seen it
  6. NotSoSneaky

    NotSoSneaky former supporter

    Seems to be an off and on again issue.

    Somehow I'll fix it and survive.biglaff
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