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    Six percent of Americans believe in unicorns. Thirty-six percent believe in UFOs. A whopping 24 percent believe dinosaurs and man hung out together. Eighteen percent still believe the sun revolves around the Earth. Nearly 30 percent believe cloud computing involves... actual clouds. A shockingly sad 18 percent, to this very day, believe the president is a Muslim. Aren't they cute? And Floridian?
    Do you believe in angels? Forty-five percent of Americans do. In fact, roughly 48 percent - Republicans and Democrats alike - believe in some form of creationism. A hilariously large percent of terrified right-wingers are convinced Obama is soon going to take away all their guns, so when the Newtown shooting happened and 20 young children were massacred due to America's fetish for, obsession with and addiction to firearms, violence and fear, they bought more bullets. Because obviously.

    Mark Morford: 37 Percent of People Completely Lost
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    I think they all work at my office.
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    I believe in big foot was my first thought, then I clicked the clink. Mindgrinder, Huffington Post??? Really?
    Normally I would laugh and shrug it off but I work with an extreme liberal who everyday attacks, due to seniority I have to listen to the crap. I don't think I can be on-line today. Due to the fact that I have the mind of a 5th grader, I am going to outside and look for a data cloud...
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    Ok MG, PROVE to Me, or ANY Christian, that angels do NOT exist..... Go ahead... I Triple Dog Dare you....
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    Angels to some, aliens to others, pointy eared hobgoblins to others still... it's all about faith.
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    Did you know that seventy eight percent of all statistics are simply made up?
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    Or that five out of four Americans don't understand them?
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    Read the book of Enoch old timer... i dont dispute the existence of extra dimensional beings but id appreciate it if u kept your hybrid dinounicorn off the clouds above my lawn...i think they are lagging my connection to Megaupload 2.0

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    Pertaining to religion, just as one cannot be expected to prove a negative, it is also wise to acknowledge the concept of critical thinking when reading anything from the Huff.

    Statistics and surveys are supposed to represent a 'means', or average of the overall sum of parts, and pertains to people which carries enough legitimacy for a politically correct agenda. However, what's not often covered are the opposing views based on the informed and sensible --what I like to refer to in this case as the 'control group'. This group of people, the control group, is comprised of "preppers", survivalists, and your average garden variety commoner, who do not pay much attention to mainstream media and their double-think mind share propaganda. Just as one does not simply walk into Mordor unprepared, finding the path to self sufficiency is not the easiest task to undertake, either. Imagine the surprised look on the face of the average USA clone journalist when faced with the concept of reality actually being nothing at all like the version found on their television sets. Much of our history has been written by the victors of war and their establishments. In order to find "who benefits" from a dumbed-down populace, we need to look no further than the corporations who benefit from voluntary slavery of the mind, which perpetuates the disease.

    (emphasis mine)

    There's so much wrong with this statement, I have difficulty finding a place to begin. Nevertheless, we can find even by using statistics, as is their own method, or with common sense, that in countries with very high gun control efforts, knife crimes skyrocket. In the UK, there are numerous campaigns to "stamp-out" knife crime by, you guessed it --banning knives of all sorts. It's not that it never dawns on these clones that PEOPLE are responsible for the crime, and in many cases it's heavily medicated people or those who are just coming off medication by the pharmaceuticals who commit these horrible crimes. They know very well it's people killing people. The dirty end of the stick is, they don't want YOU to think it's just that simple. Again, ask who gains from disarming the people.

    The massive ammunition and weapons buying spree is nothing more than a people preparing for war. Of course, in typical American tradition, a significant portion of this buying trend can also be attributed to capitalist profiteering and price gouging, where smaller business opportunists will buy out a stock and resell at an inflated price. Regardless, it would be fair to conclude that the majority of those who stock up on ammunition and firearms are preparing to do what is necessary to keep tyranny at bay.

    It's not that the Liberals trust the government, period. They just trust in the idea of a perfect world more than the average citizen. Naturally, their logic is flawed.
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    Yes, I am responding to myself. Sorry if the post above came off pissy but ugh! Here is the thing, some liberals will read that article and believe they have superior knowledge,, talk about adding fuel to an out of control fire. These people have no common sense, no sense of what is right. I am serious the sludge I hear coming out of liberals mouths is insane. The more fuel like this just makes these people more difficult cause I question if they are living in the here & now. Sometimes I envy them because lala land would be really nice. I was talking to someone about medicaid and how it is broke, the lib responded "oh well they will just have to get it from the general fund". I smartly walked away after that because I couldn't bear to hear how caviler they would treat the deficit.
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    Written by someone out of Komiefornia...WTF ?

    I think he should go suck on a jello pudding pop.!!!

    Wait..Back that up..He's no doubt been there done that...
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