Off - grid living illegal in Coral Gabels

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by CATO, Feb 25, 2014.

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    Well, the Headlines do NOT tell the whole Tale, here.... The City Code is WAY outdated. So says the Administrative Judge. and the Lady won, two of the three Violations brought against her Property. She lost on the Running Water issue, but the Judge noted that the City had NEVER actually Inspected the Property, so how could they KNOW, exactly what the deal was. So as it stands, all she needs to do is re-hook up, her City Water Connection, and just leave the Valve CLOSED, so that there is never any City Water Used, and then she will be in compliance with the City Ordinance. She can, choose to do that, OR she can SUE the City, in Magistrate Court, for violating her Civil Rights, by enforcing an Out of Date Statute, that has been misconstrued, by the City, to put her Property in Violation. Any competent LawDog, should be able to win that for her in a HeartBeat.... ......
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    Wish her the best. Most municipal water/sewer systems bill sewer directly on how much water is used. Guess the cistern system throws a monkey wrench into their billing system. Can't have a house that has a lowered tax revenue base either. It is all about money--as usual.
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    Here, I believe you have to pay a monthly fee if you're hooked up, regardless of how much water you use/don't use. I would fight the hookup as well.
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    Bud nearby lives off grid--only has a tele line in. The county gave him a fit over his first septic system because it did not match their codes. Peace Corps uses them all over developing nations. He finally had to put in a conventional system. His straw bale construction was so advanced that they used his plans to fab their codes. He has a young mansion so well insulated that they only start building a fire up in Jan. They put in a back up whole house propane genset last year in case of long term hot/cold days. His old diesel genset only charged his battery bank.
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    Here there is a flat rate everyone gets charged, regardless of usage. Like $8-9, and that covers 1000 gallons. After the first 1000 gallons you get hit with another buck per 1000 gallons, and wastewater bills according to whatever your water usage w, so for last month we got $12 for 3000 gallons of water and another 5.20 for sewer. Additionally there's a city ordinance that says all residential housing inside city limits (city hah, more like village) must be hooked up to city utilities. I think most towns have adopted a similar ordinance these days. More than once they've shut off some poor bastard's service for non-payment, then turned around and fined him for every day he didn't have them turned on.

    The woman did make use of the city's sewer system, and admitted as much. Since she wasn't paying for that service, she left herself open. Should have a composting toilet or some alternative.
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