Off-grid living...on a govt. budget

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CATO, Sep 25, 2011.

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    A Murphy bed in a $300,000 650 (or is it 750?) square foot house with no garage? How much space is lost to batteries and controllers? Right, I'll jump on that bargain. [loco]

    It is beyond appalling that those kids don't know the costs of what they created. [beat]
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    Hmmmm.....$100,000 huh?
    That's a LOT of solar panels, and everything else I can think of....
    I figure that would put me able to run an apartment complex!
    Batteries, invertors, amp/charge controllers, back up generation units, cables, meters, etc.... I mean that's a LOT of $$$!
    I could do fantastic things with 1/3 of that amount of money!
    But you have to consider it's the goobers, and they'll want to RUN a grid off that amount.....Oh well.
  4. beast

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    pffft, i could build a dozen 650 sqft houses for $100,000
    trombe walls, solar walkway lights, water cooled fridge
    methane digester for waste and a small 2-stroke run off the methane to
    turn an alternator
  5. BTPost

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    AH, Yea, beast, but you are not a Libtard, who has to have ALL his Creature Comforts, and like Wet Bar, Chandeliers, Gold Plated Bathroom Fixtures, Persian Rugs throughout, Hot Tub, and Exercise Room....
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    "But while there might not be many clean energy jobs for these students to get after graduation, this program must surely be a cheaper alternative to investing in solar energy than Solyndra was for the Obama administration--both in terms of capital and political capital."

    A little honesty? LOL

    Only the 0bama administration would offer a 650-750 sq ft house for $450,000-$500,000 as a marvel of efficiency with a straight face.
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  7. STANGF150

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    Maybe Its my ignorance of architecture, but that NY Team's Home looks like a bloody GreenHouse!!! Energy Efficient my bum. Looks as if it will need massive power for cooling in summer. For the $100k prize I bet I could build the exact same shack for $10,000 & have one the Solar Gurus here on SM put together a Solar setup for the other $90,000 that'd power the biggest NonGrid connected Xmas Light display you ever Seen!!!
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  8. chelloveck

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    I dare say

    That the display would be observable from the international space lab. I'm sure they would muchly appreciate the festive season gesture! : )
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  9. cdwoods

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    Its stupid crap like this that will drive away serious designers and investors. Who in their right mind would want to be associated with something so over priced and wasteful? This is the Libtard establishment at it best, showing how to waste money for the sake of spending.
  10. beast

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    maybe when i finish my off-grid solar cabin
    i should take pics and post them on those govt
  11. Nadja

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    What could I build with $100k you ask ? A heckofa lot more then this little piece of junk. First of all, I am a retired framer who was forced to go solar 16 years ago or go without electricity all together. I am in one of the local building supply houses now and then to pick up a few things, as retired or not, there is always something or some project to be done.

    Prices on building materials continue to go up and up at a never ending rate and faster then ever before. However, by looking around, I find that solar on the other hand is going cheaper and cheaper , due in no little part to the chinese influx of their cheap junk. Right now, at one of my fav. solar stores, Kyrocera 80 w . panels are actually about $60.. each cheaper then way back when I first started. My first inverter was a Trace DR1512 and cost right around $1,500.00 new. Now the average price is around $750.00

    So, even though I consider the cheap chinese solar junk to be just that, junk, in a way I am glad to see them enter the market, as it has forced the main real solar suppliers to be a little more gentle on us solar users.

    A lot of these "designers" are just in it for the buck. As most of them have never lived on solar, they really don't have a clue as to what a house , small or large needs. Typical, they just crunch numbers and "averages" and seem to come up with some amount that as Experts, they think you need. Sure like to see some of them live in our shoes, would cause a lot of books to be re-written very quickly I think. Ah well, they are only in it to make money.
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