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  1. ---Greetings all! I am new to the offgrid lifestyle, so please forgive my noobish questions. My goal is to eventually power my house using a hybrid wind/solar combination. This is the year I get to start the project as I have some extra cash to do so.
    ---My temporary plan is to provide emergency power via a generator and then use the modifications to add in solar/wind inverter power. My question is, what modifications need to be made to my breaker box to allow for generator power? What equipment will I need to purchase? I know there is a lot to this and am hoping someone can point me to a good guide so I dont appear like an idiot when I want to hire an electrician to do the work.
    ---I really appreciate any help that can be provided. Thanks

    ~Jared H
    Eureka Springs AR
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    You might just want to check out a Blog I wrote called Alaska Wilderness Building in the Blog forum at the bottom of the Main Page... It was written for the Alaskan bush, but many of the concepts in it, will be of help to you in designing your system.... Once you get that down, just ask... We have a few Very Good Monkeys here, that can help you along...
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