Off Grid Saltwater Battery Can Power Home for 10 Years!

Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by OldDude49, Mar 8, 2017.

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    Nowhere do they state the AmpHour (Capacity) of the pictured Battery Bank, OR the Bank Voltage.... They ALSO do NOT label the Vertical Axis on their Power Graphs, so those are TOTALLY Meaningless..... Smells of SnakeOIl... and the "10 Year" claim is also kind of misleading... The battery "Lasts" for 10 Years, or it will power your Outfit for 10 years???
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    Yes, it really doesn't say much, to be honest, certainly not enough to even begin to form an opinion.

    @BTPost 'The battery "Lasts" for 10 Years' ...the way I took it is they said 3000 charges so charging every day give you about 10 years but yeah, definitely not clear. I do like the 'no fire hazard' if that is a true statement as got to be careful around here as can easily burn down the entire neighborhood.

    EDIT: @BTPost a lot more data on the video...pretty interesting and I will be interested in the future.
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  4. OldDude49

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    Is a start on the issue... please continue!
  5. ghrit

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    Ever notice how salt water sometimes gets a fishy smell? And the plastic cell structure doesn't burn? OD, I clicked thru and saw nothing useful on the following pages.

    As BT says, those graphs are meaningless without coordinates, and accepting them as on the same scale tells me right away that the system will not operate without significant external input. (The colored areas under the curves must be equal to hold steady. As drawn the areas point to a continuous downward spiral. Yes, I know, they are intended as illustrative, with a significant lack of success.
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  7. Tevin

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    It's an overrated gimmick. If it was that great, everyone would be doing it.
  8. Tempstar

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    For the low low price of..........Any guesses?
  9. techsar

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    If you have to ask... ;)
  10. inthewoods

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    i have been perusing this site now 5 or 6 times, and i still keep trying to kill that bug !!!
  11. DKR

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    Saltwater zinc batteries are used in remote LMR sites. Not new tech at all

    Not a primary battery. Used to float overnight with solar charging

    Used because they are less expensive than the alternatves
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  12. duane

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    Show that at 10 amps discharge, battery will store about 1 KWH, at 2 amps discharge about 2.5 KW, list 7 stacks for the efficient wattage to run 1 refrigerator, etc with a load of 4.8 KW and a storage of a little over 14 KWH. Would seem to me to equal a full load of a few hours with 7 "stacks" and the chart showed that if you ran them down to 30 or so %, battery life did drop, just not as bad as lead acid. No information in video about cost, but 7 stacks would be a lot of weight and volume. Show 12 stack with 28.4KWH and a weight of about 3200 pounds on their site. Need to see more information and would love to hear from someone who has had one for a few years. Note, most impressed with data like those from old Lister gensets, minimal maint over 30 year period when used to power airport lights on aux field in Alaska. May not be scientific, but very useful. We had a kid hit a patch of sand with his dad's Tesla, doing 70 mph on a two lane road, went into the trees, broke in two and caught fire. Neighbor had a wood stove and a good fire extingisher and got the one pinned out in about 2 minutes, 7 minutes before police arrived, and 12 minutes before fire engine got there. Two kids ejected from car have some injuries, 17 year old girl trapped in car on fire has broken legs, pelvis, burns over 40 % of her body, and other injuries. Took fire department 30 minutes to put out L-ION battery fires as everything was shorted out, basically kept the flames down until they burned up. Local greens are ignoring those facts and still claim we have to quit burning fossil fuels to prevent global warming.
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  13. oil pan 4

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    Thats peukerts law where you get more power from a battery the slower you discharge it.

    The only technology that can replace fossil fuels on a large scale is nuclear.
    If the fix for global warming doesn't include a lot of nuclear power then it's not going to work and the solution then becomes making energy unaffordable.
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  14. Wildbilly

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    Last time that I checked the company was in bankruptcy and wasn't producing any of their salt-water batteries. They were hoping to begin production again in 2018 or 2019.
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  15. duane

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    Wiki indicates Chinese bought it in 2017 for less than $10 million after $190 million or so invested. Closed US facility and moved production to China. If it works, they make a fortune and control it, or shut it down and don't bother to screw up present battery production. If it doesn't they write it off as a tax loss and have all the data to know how it failed if they want to go ahead. Another green energy hype sucking money out of everyone like the solar cell plants and most likely Tesla.
  16. arleigh

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    Lead acid 6 volt deep cycle batteries work for me.
    I get the amperage I need ,
    a reasonable charge rate
    ease of handling,
    wide variable of configuration in 6 volt steps .
    and if a battery begins a failure it is easy to replace .
    If I could afford 1.5 volt commercial batteries and the space to house them, I would prefer that.
    I don't like the idea of a stack, meaning that if there is a failure in that stack the whole stack is in jeopardy .
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  17. duane

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    Worked for phone company back in 1960's, had large lead acid batteries in individual cells that could be rebuilt. Were in special room in basement, constant temp, no vibration, constant float charge, cycle discharge maint, the whole thing. Some were 25 years old in 50 year old cases, and were perfect. Tech is there, not easy, not cheap, not small, but it does work. Lead acid is low tech and mature, Nickle iron, Edison cells, have longer life but are harder to use and more money and not enough nickle in world to make it a common system. Plain old solar cell batteries we have now if taken care of and replaced are most practical if weight isn't a factor. It amazes me but as a kid battery production was a local thing and I knew of two places within 30 miles of home in rural Minn that took tops off batteries, hot knife, pulled and replaced cells and insulators, recharged them at a controlled rate and some other thing, and returned them. Main thing seemed to be cast lead plates with a lead paste of some kind put into them with a putty knife. Last saw it done in about 1946 and I was 8 years old, don't know why, other then OSHA screaming, that you couldn't store the components to rebuild the cells for 30 or 40 years and recycle the components. Most like impossible due to some California proposition or other like adjustable carbs. From what little I have read on net, batteries stored cold, close to 32 or so, and charged, are good to use when activated, charged and warm for many years.
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  18. DKR

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  19. BenP

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    10 Years is not that great, I am using LiFePO4 batteries because they last a long time and work well in an off-grid scenario where they spend much of their time 40-80% charged. I would love to find batteries that would last indefinitely or could be rebuilt with little effort. Space is not a big concern when you are using them for a house.
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