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Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by hank2222, Sep 26, 2011.

  1. hank2222

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    Many time's i have told people that i live in Northern Az and i get it all flat and brown there in the state .So i break out the photo's of the area where i live and show them the following picture's

    Plus trying to explain to them that the weather is cold & wet & snow like crazy to a person who think's the Southwest is all desert along with the fact that i live at the 6000.ft mark in the mountain make for a cold winter some years .

    Nadja will get a kick out of these photo's for he know's the area where some of them are from.So be ready for the weather and what it bring's to your location
    DSCI0264. n1273380011_30057828_169. property007ww9. sliderockci5. 025. 026. 027. user308347_pic19537_1230843466.
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  2. Tracy

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    Good reminder for folks, Hank!
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  3. beast

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    born and raised in the snow and cold, wouldnt know how to live without
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    My brother lived in Concho,Az some years back..wife and I drove out to see him and family.Arizona has its own beauty,but it ain't Tennessee. Actually,the trip up the mountain to see Snowflake reminded me of Tennessee..
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    That is some real pretty country!
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    Ok, now I have to go and wax my telemarks...
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  7. northga

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    Has anyone read the book One Second After???
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  9. CaboWabo5150

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    Ohh... But sometimes I'd like to.. Especially around the end of Feb... It starts getting old by then...
  10. Nadja

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    Yup, Hank ya got it right there ! Yes , I know about where yer at by golly ! And yes , I am aware of the coming winter. brrrrrrr Already pulled out the snow shovel, ice melt and getting out the snow boots etc. What I hate the most is having to clean off my solar panels to get solar power !
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    So remember winter is coming and are you ready for it .Now is the time to get ready not when the first snow flake is on the way down to the ground

    Like you i have bought a long handle broom to clear snow off the solar panel's and layed in a supply of propane 1.pd cylinder's for the small protable bbq grill i used to grill meat on for meal's .

    I been shopping alot here lately and been laying in a large supply of what i call my winter time food supply items to keep there in the cabin to help keep me feed without breaking into the long term food stock's .

    The gas for the Honda generator unit is stored at my friend's house across the street from me and she has a large free standing farm gas tank and i help with the filling of the tank every year since she has gotten .

    So all i have to do is go over with my small one gallon gas can and get gas as it need to fill up the generator to charge the battery as it need if the solar and wind are not working or i need to run something outside the place

    She going to keep the road cleared on my side also with her plowed attchment for the farm truck she has and she has made a deal with the county to plow the people drive way's in the area also

    My litte smart car has four brand new all season heavy duty tire's on it along with the car has been worked on with a rad flush out and lower temps coolent has been put in and new belt's and hose's and new higher amps cold cranking battie for the smart was installed along with cold weather oil for the engine is been put in the engine to help with handling of the colder weather we get there
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  12. -06

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    Actually have a snow plow now. Probably never use it but have one--lol. We have been following the Bibles plan--"look to the ant oh sluggard" and preparing like crazy. Have the freezers full and added another, cubbards almost full of canned goods, and ready for hunting season to top off the larders. Will be making lots of jerky and canning venison this time. Before the snow flies I lay a sheet of plywood over our steps--no shoveling that way. Getting lazier in my old age.
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  13. hank2222

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    I also use wool sock's instead of cotton sock in the winter with silk sock liner's to wear under them along with Snow Gator's over the boot's for working around the place with snow on the ground
  14. RightHand

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    Reminds me of the time I got the bright idea to put my windshield wipers into plastic bags before an icy, snowy night. After I chopped through the ice that had encased everything (a good half hour job), I found that my instincts had been correct - no ice on the wiper blades but, with the help of the heater, the truck's ice had melted before I half finished getting the bags off.
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  15. Nadja

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    It looks really nasty out this morning. Not a chance of much solar this morning, but a really good chance of some rain. We have only had to date about 1-1/4" of rain this entire monsoon season, so would readily welcome any we could get. We have had snow as early here as Oct on several occaisions and this may be one of those years. Although it doesn't usually amount to much other then the mess it creates on my 6 miles of dirt roads.
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