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  1. chelloveck

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    A bush mechanic's winch....some rope...a couple of poles....some sticks, some cordage, and anchor, and some sweat.

  2. Meat

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    Bada$$. I’ma work on that one next. :D
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  3. Asia-Off-Grid

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    If you don't have a proper winch, that certainly will get you out of a fix.
    That guy definitely needs some sort of hitch on the rear of that truck, though. A shackle, D-ring, something.
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  4. duane

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    I thought I had seen all the simple winch-windless type tools,but this is a new one to me. Very well thought out and the loops to hold the pole are a really nice touch. So simple once you see it and as mentioned, the only weak spot was the sharp edges on the truck could cut the rope and I don't know why he used the modified hangman's knot. Thank you for finding it chelloveck. As mentioned if you use a nylon or other stretchy rope, you can store a lot of energy in the rope and life might get interesting if the rope breaks. I can just see this as being a handy tool for raising logs if building a log cabin, lots of lift and while slow, lots of control. It would scale well also. Smaller drum pole and shorter lever would still give the same pull as the ratio between drum diameter and pole length give you the mechanical advantage. Archimedes strikes yet again, but then who wants to hear about old dead white men!
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  5. Asia-Off-Grid

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    Well, I personally enjoy talking about "dead Presidents", especially when they are owed to me. :)
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  6. Meat

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    I nominate this as Thread of the Year. If only this was submitted to MM’s challenge. Genius. :D
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  7. ochit

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    Again I thought this was another kind of wench UMPAH ! UMPAH ! UMPAH !
    I wish is was October again 100 degree days is not fun.


    This is a great idea if your stuck but have rope problem is rope stretches a lot ! For less than 30 bucks you can get a 1,000 pound winch hand operated w/ steel cable. I have a 3K pound on 3/8th steel plate frame with about 30 foot of 5/16ths cable Chain it to a dead man anchor a tree and if you had to you could use a rope or strap to add length. If you have rope may as well have a block & tackle for it 100 foot of rope will give you about 25 foot on a 3 sheave block.

    I carry this winch a 20 foot 4 inch wide ratchet strap , 20 foot 7/16th welded chain and a snatch block, Because your never inline with your pull it's also good to have a couple of jacks and a 2X2X12 and a couple of pieces of 4X4. one jack is for flat hard ground once you leave the road it's no telling how boggy it is. if possible carry 2 spares. an Air compressor plug kit a couple of flashlights an axe machete and paid towing service because when it all goes to hell the weather is gone bat crap as well. If your in an area where there are no trees a 18 inch section of 18 inch diameter pipe cut in half lengthwise using zigzag cuts burn a couple of holes for putting chain through use these as anchors behind your tires to pull another vehicle or bury them as dead man anchors, mouth to your vehicle.

    If you went this far dual batteries w/ isolator because one battery is never enough and a 12 volt impact because those lug nuts are welded on by little gremlins a handful of extra real lug nuts is not a bad idea new lug nuts have stainless steel covers over them and a 2 pound shop hammer to beat those plastic beauty covers off with. If you have locking lugs LMAO buy a nut breaker and a wrench for it. A nice selection of fuses a roll of dust tape and your Bug Out Bag so you will have stuff with you when you have to go get help because you cell phone can't find a signal.
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  8. ghrit

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    If you went that far, there would surely be no need for a backwoods creative device. Just run your 6X6 up to the tree and push it over. [sarc2]
  9. ochit

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    I guess those U bolts and drilled plate just fall out of the sky along with the wrench to tighten it all up and he has a saw and a magic hammer to punch down that stake @ 11:01 count the wraps about 10 so he made app 40 inches against how much line stretch [sarc2]
  10. arleigh

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    I prefer wenches my self but for emergencies .
    If I know I have to regularly pass a bad area a wench is required then a better method is a wheel rim attachment to drive wheels you can hook up to, using the vehicles own drive train .
    This system is as old as the car it self , and it can be used for other needs like a power take off to drive a saw or pump or generator .
    As for dealing with away from the luxury of our machinery this flip flop method has promise , especially if you must bring some one or gear, up from the side of a cliff by your self .
    Good to practice it first , before the need actually arrises .
    In a real event, and you have an audience struck in fear, and working alone, their skepticism won't deter your efforts .
    I recommend a prussic on several anchors for relaxing the load from time to time for a safety and making adjustments as well especially if the rope has several knots of joined lengths .
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