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    Watch this video. To me the story is not the officer's struggle with the perp, but the crowd of people that watches and does not assist the officer. Am I surprised? No, I have spent too much time in cities like NO, but I am still disgusted. I believe that the person that shot this video was doing it for possible use as "Rodney King type" of video. I know that there are bad LEOs, and I don't know the entire situation regarding this, but if I see a cop struggling with someone resisting arrest I will ask the officer if he needs help, and do as he ask. If it the situation is dire I wouldn't even ask. This just disgust me. I wish they could throw all of those bystanders in jail. It's ashamed that with all of those people watching, even though they were obviously in the projects NONE had the moral compass to do the right thing. Animals they are.
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    This is more like it!

    Man killed after pointing gun at trooper
    Associated Press Writer
    ANCHORAGE, Alaska (AP) -- A man was shot to death by a civilian near Manley Hot Springs this week after pointing a long gun at an Alaska State Trooper, officials said. The deceased man was identified Friday as 40-year-old Russell Sampietro, authorities said. Sampietro was killed by an Arizona fisherman, who had called for trooper assistance Tuesday because Sampietro had allegedly been shooting earlier at him and a fishing partner, authorities said. Sampietro and the fisherman didn't know each other, according to troopers. The fishermen and a companion were trying to get to a fishing spot past Sampietro's camp when the first shots were fired. No one was injured.
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    The fisherman, who has not been identified, complained to authorities, and accompanied Trooper Michael Wery to the scene. That's when they encountered Sampietro, officials said. Sampietro allegedly grabbed his long gun after a physical confrontation. Troopers said the fisherman then grabbed a personal firearm and shot Sampietro several times. Sampietro had lived in the 75-person community of Manley Hot Springs for several years and had been camping nearby for what troopers say may have been several months. Trooper spokesman Brandon Anderson said Sampietro had a criminal history, including a DUI. Troopers also didn't say whether the fisherman, a 42-year-old tourist from Arizona, would be charged in the shooting. A law passed recently by the Alaska Legislature allows a person to use deadly force in self defense outside the home, but the law doesn't go into effect until mid-September.
    "There will certainly be an investigation into whether it was defense of self and defense of a trooper," Anderson said. The incident is still under investigation. Troopers don't know why he may have been shooting at the fishermen, who had been sport fishing on the Tanana River.
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    He is in the wrong neighborhood for help.
    I would have shot the guy.
    It’s the way the police dept and Gov want you as sheep.
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    I think there comes a point where you back off, call for help and go to the pepper spray, taser and gun in that order.
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    looked to me like the guy was pleading his case and the police didn't want to here it and bit off more than he could chew. No sympathy for the devil here.
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    I know it would be very situational for me if I would help a LEO (a civilian in a heartbeat LEO maybe) in large part due to the facts that 1- the cop may mistake your intentions as to which side you are on and shoot you 2- even if you save is butt he may still decide to arrest you (have known it to happen) 3-he may well have back up comeing and even if HE knows you are helping him the back up may shoot you before they figure that out 4-have seen enouph LEOs that were JBTs that unless I knew for sure all of what was going on would not want to be on the wrong side of the fight legal issues aside and the worst cops I have seen are generaly in the low income areas and rarely see decent ones there.
    Just my own thoughts on it.
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