Official Language in USA?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Seacowboys, Aug 20, 2006.

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    There aren't too many issues in the history of man which are one-dimensional although that one-dimensional view is what we are most often fed. In general, we merely grab ahold of the facet that supports our personal opinions and run with it.
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    back to the official language stuff. I think sign language is the most universal:

    [devilfu] [finger]
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    Remember the Esperanza movement which died on the vine. Our language and dialects are part of our self identity and not easily relinquished. Look at upheaval encountered by Quebec when they adopted French as their official language while other provinces remained English speaking. As I recall, all public signs in Quebec had to be in French. I don't disagree with their right to this decision, its just interesting to look at the chaos that ensued, pitting neighbor against neighbor.
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    Amen Brother. Actually, not just east Texas, but all of Texas as I am from SWTX. I have quite a few ancestors that fought for the C.S.A. More than that though, us braggarts down in Texas consider ourselves to be Texans above all, as we were our own country for a period of time (where's that big head smilie at? :D ) but that's a whole 'nother story.
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    I may be prejudiced, though I think that since English was the language speaken by the forefathers, then English should be the number one language spoken in America. I will accept the idea that you can speak other languages as this will help in interactions with people in other countries, though I believe that English as a Second language should be mandatory to all who don't speak English and want to live here.

    I don't think that English should be the only language, as that would eliminate the very first Americans who were here. However the indians also learned English. That should be a set goal for everyone.

    If I am chinese and walk into your store and you speak chinese then we can chat chinese. If I am an English speaker and I go into a store run by a chinese person, then they better speak English to me. It is a matter of business. Do you want to attract only the chinese to buy from you, or do you want to attract everyone? It's actually that simple.

    I do not think that any other language besides English should be the official language. That is beyond absurd. We are catering too much to idiots. If I was a 'White' minded person and didn't accept anyone of another race, they would call me at the very least Old Fashioned, and at worst Racist.

    If I speak English only, they will soon call me old fashioned and maybe even racist. America is an English speaking country and these morons should get used to it. However I will say that it is not the majority that is opposed to this action. I have been in many stores where the country of origin for the owners was not America and they speak chinese, japanese, pakistani language, Indian and more. Though they also speak English to be able to handle their English speaking customers.

    The ones that are opposed to English as our official language are most often those that are illegal, lazy, stupid or liberal craps that want to unify everyone without anyone feeling alienated. Seems like the NWO would be willing to have the 'One' language, however I understand that the 'One' language will not be English. Most likely it will be Arabic, Chinese or Russian.

    So, anyone read the bible? Even if you are not a believer in the bible, there is a really good lesson in there. It is a story of the Tower of Babel. Too many people speaking too many different languages to get the job done. This is happening in America now. I am not saying that diversity of language is a bad thing, I am saying that when the languages are so diverse that normal activities begin to suffer, something needs to be done. And what can be done is to have one language that everyone speaks. What one language is that? It should be English. Why English? This country has far too few Indians, the first Americans, speaking the same language so that cannot be it. We would be where we are now, too diverse to be useful.

    English was at one time the universal language throughout the world. It is getting less and less this way. English was the language most widely used in the first years of America. That is if you discount the minority languages that were used by slaves, indians, immigrant workers and a few others. English was used by the forefathers in the drafting of the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Therefore English should be the one language that is universal in the world and official in America.

    That is until we can learn how to speak the universal language of the Universe, binary. Haha. Just my thoughts on it.
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    Well said TMH
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    Anybody else get to choose English as your second option at the ATM?

    Seeing more and more with Espanol as the first choice.

    Congress sure knows how to waste my hard earned money, this shouldn't even be an issue. The Enemy Within is a greater threat than the terrorist themselves, looks like we have one Senator that needs the boot. :eek:
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    I'd say personaly anyone that signed that deserves the boot, with Huge damn spurs on.!. Now lets face it most aren't going to get replaced but we can always hope.
    Take care Be safe Poacher.
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