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    The only problem is, we are not going to get the oil, and the drilling is offshore Brazil. The Oil is going to China. Read more below. What a crock!

    Sent: 11/20/2009 2:31:01 A.M. Central Standard Time
    Subj: Offshore oil drilling approved!

    Why am I not surprised?

    Some more interesting stuff on our lack of oil. Crude oil
    doesn't smell to good. But this deal stinks to high heaven.

    Finally -
    Offshore Oil Exploration gets approved and funded - However
    ----- You need to read the "rest of the story" ......

    This was NOT reported on any of the mainstream news outlets
    such as ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN or MSNBC. However, it was
    reported as follows:

    On 20 August 2009, on a segment of the "Glen Beck Show" on
    FCN (Fox Cable News) ... the following statement was read:

    "Today even though President Obama is against offshore
    drilling for oil for this country. He signed an executive
    order to loan 2 Billion or more of our taxpayers dollars to
    a Brazilian Oil Exploration Company (Petrobras - which is
    the 8th largest company in the entire world) to drill for
    oil off the coast of Brazil . The oil that comes from this
    operation is for the sole purpose and use of China and not
    the USA . The Chinese government is under contract to
    purchase all the oil that this oil field will produce,
    which is hundreds of millions of barrels of oil".

    We (the American People) have absolutely no gain from this
    transaction whatsoever.

    Wait, it gets more interesting: Guess who is the largest
    individual stockholder of this Brazilian Oil Company, and
    who would benefit most from this ---??? It is American
    Billionaire, George Soros, the Liberal businessman who is
    a radical left wing supporter, finances
    "< <HTTP: />"
    as well as other> liberal programs, and as President
    Obama's largest and most generous suppoter during his
    If you are able to connect the dots and follow the money,
    you are probaly as upset as I am.
    Not a word of this transaction was on any of the other news
    networks. Forward this factual e-mail to others who are
    about this country, so they may see where it is doing.
    Does anyone think this was the type of change Obama meant ---???
    or, maybe it as.
    Let all of your Government representatives know how you
    feel about this. You can only wonder WHAT President Obama is
    getting out of this --???

    For the "Nay Sayers" - the Disbelievers" - the Republican
    Bashers" - and especially for the BHO Cheering Section",
    Here is the proof:
    Kindly NOTE:
    on 18 August 2009 - "The Wall Street Journal" published the
    same news.>>;

    Obama Underwrites Offshore Drilling
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    It would be interesting to find out the conditions of the loan. As in what is the interest rate, and what is the term? It is a bit disingenous to say we get nothing for it unless we know those two things. Now, don't take this as some sort of approval of all the things that zero is not accomplishing, we know he has stepped on the US crank more than once already, and no doubt will again, with football spikes. This might not be the case for this loan, if indeed it is a loan.
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