Oh, boy! Too fast is never fast enough.

Discussion in 'Tin Foil Hat Lounge' started by UncleMorgan, Apr 18, 2020.

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    Well, you do have a point...especially given our record of decision-making which usually is based on greed, power, money, limited resources, over-population, etc. not on facts and/or critical thinking.

    However, one does have that itty-bitty problem if the robot overlords figure out that we simply aren't worth keeping around...which is an easy conclusion given our tendency for greed, power, money, limited resources, over-population, etc...LOL!
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    I am in awe at the acceptance of being under the rule of machines when I am sure none of us would welcome so joyously resolve to live under the rule an oppressive human or group of humans.
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    It’s a joke. You say that so there’s a digital trail when the computers take over that shows you were a sympathizer and you don’t get targeted. Much like my grandfather used to tell the story that everyone in his platoon would jokingly say “Sieg Heil...in case we lose”.
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    The bots will see through your deception, human...

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    I wonder... I wonder if a computer programmed could/would be a better Judge(s) than our current ones. A computer would be totally unbias, go strictly by the law, not be influence by personal values, thoughts or emotions. A truly fair and impartial judicial court... I need to think about this more... They would certainly be faster with complete and total access to past records of offences, trials, and court determinations... Yes, I need think about this a bit more...

    I do believe computers can and would do many things better than many doctors, do it faster, more accurate and certainly less expensive - for example, initial diagnoses and general treatment.
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    GIGO.... Garbage in, Garbage out. It all depends on who writes the programming and the basic operating system.

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    If Gates has anything to do with it "blue screen of death" gonna take on a whole new meaning.
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