Oh brother...what hope does the Catholic Church have?

Discussion in 'Faith and Religion' started by chelloveck, Feb 21, 2013.

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    Oh brother...what hope does the Catholic Church have, if the Holy See only sees homosexual priests at the heart of its paedophile priest crisis???

    Oh man....If Cardinal Peter Turkson's comments about the Church's paedophilia scandals are anything to judge by, then his Papal tour of duty (if he gets elected) is likely to be as ineffectual as Ratzinger's.

    Turkson's claims that priestly paedophilia is down to homosexual priests, and that somehow, african ethnic cultural traditions protect africans from predation by homosexual priests is absolutely outstanding! How such a person could be a serious contender for the headship of the world's largest global, multi national religious corporation beggars belief.

    More priestly paedophila occurs in the "dark" continent than Turkson will concede, and it's not just confined to young boys.

    (my emphasis - Chello)
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