Oh Donald......you Devil, you!

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    I thought Michelle Obama deserved it.
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    Considering Time selects their man/person of the year based not on who they think is great, but rather “the person or persons who most affected the news and our lives, for good or ill, and embodied what was important about the year.”, it's not surprising that both good and bad people are found on the cover. Like him or hate him, Trump certainly had a significant influence in 2016, representing a significant shift in traditional politics in the United States. I'd say it's hard to argue that he shook things up more than any person in recent history, perhaps even longer. Makes sense he was chosen for that reason alone.

    As to the comparisons of others on the cover, the cover is not intended to be a thumbs up or thumbs down of the person. As Time's previous covers have demonstrated, not only good and bad people can appear, even inanimate objects or entire groups of people can be chosen. So, those who are running with Trump/Hitler/Stalin comparison, based on a magazine cover, such as those fine "journalists" at "The View" have done, only cheapens whatever message they're actually trying to send. Who had the most significant impact, good or bad in the last year? I say it's hard to argue Trump for the cover, whether you love him or hate him.
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    For the last several years, Time has selected the person they deem most likely to get magazine sales for their cover thus postponing their eventual demise. By coincidence Trump is the person who will likely affect more people than any other they could have put on the cover except for perhaps @chelloveck

    The Time "devil horns" has showed up several times in the past and is just an artifact of having a great big "M" near the top center of the cover. Odd though that our in house atheist would gravitate to Trump as the devil... perhaps a Calvinian slip?
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    What I thought was interesting was the first two photos, Hitler and Stalin, were both the far left, and Stalin is STILL loved and venerated by the lib-tard/communist left, while the other two were far right and still loved by the people in their countries. The "devil horns" are cute and I'm sure deliberately set up that way as a joke by the communists as an attack on America/Russia.

    What I find interesting about communists is they all think communism , which has failed everywhere it has been tried, would work if only the "right people" (meaning them), were in charge.
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    Shall we go back to the Time cover, regardless of who is featured and why? There is no point to deviation into a comparison of political philosophies in this thread. Start one, if you want, in the politics forum. It ain't funny enough to be in the humor forum.
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