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    Well here we are , at the precipice of economic disaster. I think that unless some really hard changes are made , and really soon, we will go over the cliff, just like Spain and many other countries are doing. Even with change in the administration, Rommney and Ryan will be hard pressed to turn us back around with anything short of a miracle I really think that they will try their hardest to turn as around, but also feel that we have gone way to far into the abyss to halt it now.

    Keep in mind this as you head to the polls this November. WE didn't cause this problem, the gobermint did. No matter who blames who, it ALL came from the gobermint as we do not make the decisions. All the gobermint waste is created only by the gobermint. They decide how much money to throw away, not us. If we ran our bank and checking accounts like the gobermint has and still does, we would be thrown in jail with no hope of ever getting out. If we committed the fraud and waste that the gobermint has, once again, we would be in jail.

    So, what do we really need here ? Well, if we don't go to war or whatever, we need to flush the toilet of all the crap. In other words, we need to completely clean out gobermint once and for all, and install ALL new people. Then they , acting as OUR representatives, could and would change a lot of these garbage laws to serve the people and nothing else. Or they would / should face fraud charges. Also, all laws created , need to apply to everyone, including them. I am sick and tired of elite being exempt from laws, restrictions and conviction of insider trader information. Yes, think about it,, when two large companies want to merge or buy each other out, it has to go before congress for approval before said merger or buyout can be made. Well, that means they know what stock to buy and when so that they can make untold millions from that deal. This type of thing is most often ignored and the real question here is or should be why ?

    They seems to also be a lot of congress and "other" anointed ones, exempt from prosecution for tax fraud or non-payment. Again Why ?

    Everyone needs to give this a little thought. BEFORE O Great one, did you even know who was a different political party then you. Did anyone even care ? Since this jerk has been put into office, this country is so divided it is not funny. No other president that I can remember, has ever divided this country like this one. Do you like it ? If not, your chance to change it will come in Nov. But also, we need to change the congress, both sides. Put all new people in if at all possible. Get rid of all the "good old boy" types once and for all. If not, we will not only reach the cliff as now, but fall over it. Make sure the one you vote for really has your interest at heart, and not just their power/wealth gains in their minds.

    It all needs to stop, turn around and go back to prosperity once again. Sure the oil companies make a profit, but if they aren't allowed to, why would they stay in business ? Think, not react, it matters far more in the long run.
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    I've heard the same thing, but it is only to make a point. There are quite a lot of people that think corporations shouldn't be allowed a profit, and my statement is to try and create a thinking area in their brains. That is all it is.

    After all, if gobermint is allowed to ditate profits and losses to corporations, then it would soon apply to the mom and pop grocery stores also. In other words, all business would be controlled/ran by gobermint big brother types. Not good
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    You're correct GFN, the vast majority of profit on a gallon of gasoline goes to the government, state,local and federal. And with absolutely zero overhead to obtain that profit. The oil companies are producers, they find and produce oil, they make their profits by the price per barrel, then it goes to transportation, and yes many of the large companies own their own transportation but it is still an independent operation and has to make a profit. Then the refineries take it and they too have to make a profit, then again to transportation, then finally to the gas stations which are independent franchises where they must make a profit. Which by the way is very little. They make more profit on the stuff you by inside the store than the gas you pump outside. So their are a lot of hands to go through to get that gallon of gas in your car, and each one has to make a profit on it. Then the gov steps in and says "OK, I'm want 30-40 cents a gallon from you to use my roads". That's a racket that organized crime can only dream of.
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    This is not just about oil/gas/ It is about our very way of life here in the U.S.
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    The gub not only gets @.50 on each and every gallon of gasoline but on every gallon/quart/etc that we buy. Then to add insult to injury we pay about 50% of our earnings to the gub in taxes--in other words we work six months out of every year to pay taxes. We no longer own our homes---quit paying the exorbitant taxes for a few years and see where you will be sleeping. We are very fast becoming only worker bees supporting the "queen". Over 50% of America is being supported by us tax payers. Something is awfully wrong with these stats. Am retired now and my SS payments are being robbed by nobammies insurance scam and the deductions will more than double after the election. If we do not get ALL out asap we are past the point of no return. I WILL NOT vote for any incumbent--good or bad--they are all part of the problem. We must clean house (and senate)--anyone we elect can not be worse than what we have. We are being treated like slaves while they live lavishly, have their own insurance, and are set for life with perks and 100% of their income. Do you?
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