Oil Filter Supressor...Sweet !!!

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Gator 45/70, Apr 25, 2012.

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    so let's see, if you know the thread of the filter you are going to use and the thread on the barrel. Interesting. Now I'd have like to have see a 45 run through it.
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  3. The way the bat feces regulates chore boys as suppressor parts I guess next in line will be oil filters.
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    $75 for a thread adapter and registration does not sound good to me. Not to mention you cannot even use your sites with these. Stock up on some pvc fittings and copper scrubbers for cleaning pots and fixing your water supply.

  5. ghrit

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    Do we need to add the obvious caveat? Do ye not this with a used filter, lest ye have a fire on yer muzzle.
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    .45 ACP shouldn't be a problem through a suppressor like this, as it is already subsonic. The volume of the oil filter should be more than sufficient to suppress the combustion gasses. The biggest problem with .45 ACP is the actual bullet noise as it flys downrange, since it has a much larger frontal surface area. This amount of sound is still minimal in comparison to a rifle cartridge.

    Personally, I would drill the hole out first before shooting it, though. The thought of baffle strikes (on a modern suppressor, not the oil filter) makes me cringe, and I can't get over that.

    The big problem with fitting it to a .45 ACP would be the threads. Since you are basically buying a thread adapter (not the oil finter) and paying a tax stamp on that item, you would want a larger thread then 1/2-28tpi. My Gemtech HVT is 5/8-24 tpi, and still wouldn't do the job for a .45 ACP. You would have to have a .578-28 tpi or M16-1" LH threads and have additional adapters to go to whatever else you have.

    A suppressor like this, as noted by Jasonl6, will block the sights, so I wouldn't recommend it or bother with it on a pistol. A rifle with a scope should be able to give you a clear sight picture without a problem, especially an AR-15 or the like.
  7. scrapman21009

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    $75 and reg. tax for somthing I can make on the lathe in under an hour....thanks for the idea!

    Nevermind, I am a law abiding person and would never do that.
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    Gator.... I thought all the "CheezIts" were from Wisconsin.......
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    'Course, if'n your a cheap SOB, you just use a plastic soda bottle and duck tape........ :D
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    Put sum steel wool in first to have more than just one shot
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