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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by MbRodge, Dec 24, 2007.

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    Hello all, once again I'm looking for help from the monkey community. I remember growing up with oil lanterns around the house and would like to purchase several for the house and stock up on oil. I'm in Hawaii so i don't need to worry about heat, but would really like to have a source of light on hand that isn't dependant on electricity. The problem is that the few sights I've found selling them online start out around the $100 mark and that is way too steep for me. Does anyone know of a place or site where I can purchase these oil burning lamps/lanterns cheaper?
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    Lehman's has some pretty good ones for 10 bucks to about 45. Here.

    I wouldn't go with ebay on these.

    Check local auctions, you can pick them up for just a couple bucks usually. My aunt has collected about 30 (but I doubt she'd part with any).

    Simpler and cheaper solution is homemade oil candles.... vegetable oil and a mop head from the hardware store for wicks.

    All you need is a glass of water with about an inch of cooking oil or vegetable oil on top. Poke a wick through anything that floats (thin plastic works) and light the wick. You can also wrap a piece of wire around the wick and then hot-glue the wire to the bottom of the glass.
    It is pretty much odorless, lasts a long time, and the light is good.

    Here is an article on making one out of a glass bottle.

    Here is a good primer on how to use the real ones properly.

    And don't forget that simple candles and a reflective wall sconce is priceless. Back in the "big winter of '78", my family was snowed in without power for over a week, but we had several wall sconces and a butt-load of candles (along with a fireplace), and we got along real good.
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    walmart $7 can't get any cheaper than that. If memory serves $2 for a bottle of fluid.
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    Just about any hardware store here will have the oil burning lanterns... City Mill, True Value, Home Depot... etc... all have them as well as the oil or kerosene for them... they also have spare wicks... pretty darn inexpensive...
    They also have the "dietz" types... as well as the decorative all glass types... I've got a bunch of them...
    Let me know if you need help with that...[beer]

    Unless you are looking at the Petromax or the mantle types like the Aladdins... they are hard to come by... I've only found the Petromax in Hawaii....
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    During our recent power outage, I used a kerosene lamp that my SIL gave us for light and it worked like a champ and being Kerosene, it uses the same fuel as the kerosene heater I have. Good to have around, will look for more now. Just make sure the wick is set right or else you will end up with a bunch of soot!

    By the way, welcome back. Drew Hawaii, not a bad gig after Iraq, now you have a beach WITH water!
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    I'm with Hartage: wally-world, got two put away still wrapped ;simple and cheap.
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    Thanks to everyone for the speedy response, once again the Monkey proves itself! Hey Sniper, when you getting home?
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    A couple tips you might think about when you go shoping for them... Pick up a bunch of extra wicks and if you find you need more lamps at the last minute use any empty glass jar you have with a metal lid, cut a slit in the lid and insert the wick, fill the jar with oil/kerosine/desil fuel and you have an additional lamp. They arent AS good as of light as the ones with the chimneys but do help and work great for outdoor parties. Wrap wire under the lip below the lid and make a bail and they can be hung up also. The other tip is that desil fuel and kerosine both work just as well in the oil lamps as the oil they sell that costs several times as much.

    Despite the warnings on them, Coleman type propane lanterns work fine indores also. Its no more fire or fuel being used than a single burner on a kitchen stove and a lot of us in rural areas use propane to run the stoves. They might not be great in a well sealed bathroom or closet for hours on end but with normal drafts in a house and in full size rooms they are fine.
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    Definitely pick up extra wicks... and the globes if they have them... good advice....[beer]
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    I've gotten two types at Wally's - a smaller black unit that is more decorative than functional, and the bigger red type that puts out better light.
    It sure beats candles - though I keep several of the fat candles around for 'instant light' if the power goes out.
    The battery lanterns are better for short term outages, but there is something 'homey' and comforting in the soft oil-lantern light.
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