OK..Citizen, not citizen, and now DUAL citizen???

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    YouTube - Could The Globalist & CIA be Setting up Obama JFK Style? - Alex Jones Tv

    Trying to beat the drums. The more people they can demonize out of playing this Obama citizenship card, the better for them. It's a game for the globalists. They have primed the public, and if anything --ANYTHING happens (and I seriously hope nothing happens to Obama) the militia, the whites who have ever spoken against Obama, you name it, will become prime suspect. This situation is escalating. Only time will tell for sure, but it already looks like a well thought out plan to make a bad situation a whole lot worse.
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    I have a challenge for anybody willing. Woo, it's past bed time. I will make this quick.

    What significance do the SMOM have in the world? Can anybody tie this in with Freemasonry? If so, what does this signify? Discuss. Oh, and if you manage to tie them in to "Blackwater" also known as "XE", you get extra credit.

    LINK: Sovereign Military Order of Malta - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Who owns no territory, is protected by international agreements, and has sovereignty under international law? They are considered the successors to the Knights Hospitaller, the order has about 12,500 members; 80,000 permanent volunteers; and 20,000 medical personnel. The Order has a large number of local priories and associations around the world but there also exist a number of organizations with similar-sounding names that are unrelated, including numerous fraudulent (self-styled) orders seeking to capitalize on the name. They are the Knights of Malta.

    It claims to be a traditional example of a sovereign entity other than a state. Its two headquarters in Rome - the Palazzo Malta in Via dei Condotti 68, where the Grand Master resides and Government Bodies meet, and the Villa Malta on the Aventine, which hosts the Grand Priory of Rome - Fort Saint Angelo on the island of Malta, the Embassy of the Order to Holy See and the Embassy of the Order to Italy have all been granted extraterritoriality.

    The United Nations does not classify it as a "non-member state" but as one of the "entities and intergovernmental organizations having received a standing invitation to participate as observers."

    The Order maintains diplomatic missions around the world and many of the states reciprocate by accrediting ambassadors to the Order.

    SMOM has formal diplomatic relations with 104 states<sup id="cite_ref-10" class="reference"></sup> and has official relations with another six countries, non-state subjects of international law like the European Community and International Committee of the Red Cross, and a number of international organizations.<sup id="cite_ref-11" class="reference"></sup> Its international nature is useful in enabling it to pursue its humanitarian activities without being seen as an operative of any particular nation.

    Membership in the order is divided into the following classes: knights of justice or "profess knights" who take religious vows of poverty, chastity and obedience and form what amounts to a religious order (until the 1990s membership in this class was restricted to members of families with noble titles); knights of obedience (similarly restricted, these knights make a promise, rather than a vow, of obedience); knights of honor and devotion, knights of grace and devotion and knights of magistral grace, all of these classes made up of members who take no vows, and who had to show a decreasingly extensive history of nobility (knights of magistral grace do not have to prove any noble lineage, and are the most common form of knights in the United States). Within each class of knights there are ranks ranging from bailiff grand cross (the highest) through knights grand cross, knights commanders, knights officers and knights—thus one could be a "knight commander of grace and devotion," or a "bailiff grand cross of justice." A final rank of "donat" is offered to some who join the order in the class of "justice" but who are not knights.
    Prior to the 1990s, all officers of the Order had to be of noble birth (i.e., armigerous for at least 100 years), as they were all knights of justice or of obedience; however, Knights of Magistral Grace (i.e. those without noble proofs) may now make the Promise of Obedience and may, at the discretion of the Grand Master and Sovereign Council, enter the novitiate to become professed Knights of Justice.
    Worldwide, there are over 12,500 knights and dames, a small minority of whom are professed religious. Membership of the Order is by invitation only and solicitations are not entertained.

    The Order states that it was the hospitaller role that enabled the Order to survive the end of the crusading era; nonetheless, it retains its military title and function. As a sovereign body, it has the right to maintain a military force and does so at its Rome headquarters.
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    It's been so long since I did any digging concerning the SMOM. The way it all reads to me is that current world power is still held by a few Germanic bloodlines. The several different orders have public faces that do not even come close to showing how deep the rabbit hole goes... As to specifics? There are literally a million published works that when looked at as a whole pretty much spell out where humanity is headed. Nobody can say for sure just what the timeline is but the pace is quickening. Wanting to know does occupy some space in my mind but I don't let the not knowing consume me.

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