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    Gulf Shores Police are investigating whether a father searching for his 15-year-old daughter at 5 o'clock Sunday morning committed a criminal act. Gulf Shores </_ST13A_CITY>, </_ST13A_STATE></_ST13A_PLACE> January 15 - Gulf Shores Police are investigating whether a father searching for his 15-year-old daughter at 5 o'clock </_ST13A_TIME>Sunday morning committed a criminal act while attempting to remove her from inside a residence.</_O3A_P>
    The tenants claim he kicked in the door, terrifying the entire family, and proceeded to punch their teenage son. "If he wanted to look for his daughter, all he had to do was call me, knock on my door and I would have let him look through every room in my house," said Rebecca Sparks. Police say the minor was inside a duplex located in the 1500 block of Oleander Cove in Gulf</_ST13A_PLACETYPE> Shores </_ST13A_PLACETYPE></_ST13A_PLACE>with an 18-year-old boy. Police say the boy's parents were home at the time, but it is unknown what the teens were doing inside the residence. </_O3A_P>Rebecca Sparks says she understands the father's concern, but adds that is no excuse to hit her son. Sparks </_ST13A_PLACE></_ST13A_CITY>is pushing for burglary charges. Police say so far, no charges have been filed against the girl's father. Authorities are compiling all details of the investigation so a judge can decide. Second degree burglary is a class B felony in the State
  2. Tracy

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    I don't know about that state, but here the father has the right to press charges against the 18-year old (adult) boy that was with his 15-year old daughter.

    He should have gone to the police and reported her as a runaway and told them where she was to avoid the incident at the house.

    [rnt]Taking away the rights of parents really burns my buttons![rnt]
  3. Tango3

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    Had that urge myself, its not justifiable and won't keep the daughter from going back...
  4. ozarkgoatman

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    So how charge a parent with secound degree burglary for taking his minor child out of a house.[dunno] I could see breaking and entering but burglary???
  5. Blackjack

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    Agreed, that is in no way burglary.
  6. Tracy

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    I have done it. No charges, just the report. They politely extract the minor and there's no showdown at the front door by a freaked-out momma'.

    You'd be surprised what a deterent it is to the "elder" in a relationship to have the police as an escort for the youngster.

    I never said you couldn't see them, never said you couldn't go back. There are just limits, that's all. No yellin', no screamin', no stress... Just rules. Rules that are abided by.
  7. TailorMadeHell

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    Seems like this will be a deterrent too. 'I can't sleep over at your house. My dad might kick in your door.' I don't know the situation so I can't say how he should have handled it. This may not have been the first time and the guys parents may have not said she was there. Don't know. There is a reason that fathers are fathers. They can't afford to be 'cuddlers' all the time. And where was mom during this? Or is there one?

    As far as the legal stance goes, this guy messed up big time. There are a few charges that can be brought against him. He is guilty of B&E, Trespassing and Assault. He also premeditated a crime in that he thought to go there and bring his daughter home. He did not, as far as I know, knock on the door politely. So when he first set foot on their property with the idea of crime in his mindset, he set himself up for trespass. The only thing I can say that he did not do is steal.

    And as far as burglary goes, it encompasses B&E, Trespass and any premeditated crime, with any theft, it would be a full sentence. So they may pin each of the three charges on him, though not burglary itself. At least I think anyways. I'm no lawyer, I just did a little research.

    He should have used his head instead of just barging in like a trooper. This does not look good for him and if he does get sent to jail what is to become of his daughter? More questions than answers I'm afraid.
  8. monkeyman

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    While I could sympathize with the father, he was a real idiot to handle it in that manner. I know if my step son snuck a girl in and the parents called I would let them come see if she was here and if so I would probably need my boot surgicaly extracted from his back side (with a minor girl that could have me and his mom faceing charges even if we didnt know) but on the other hand, if the parent kicks in my door then before they are even likely to have the chance to find their kid or slap around anyone in my house, they would be blown back out the door with several new openings in their body.

    That said, I very much doubt that the dad will have to face any charges since he has the ability to press charges on the boy for suspected statuatory rape and the boy AND his parents for contributing to the delinquency of a minor by haveing her there over night without parents aproval let alone what ever else was most likely happening. So if they pursue charges then their whole family can face charges, if they drop charges he can do the same. So I would imagine it will all just end in mutual grumbleing. Lucky for the dad he went into a house with folks not expecting or prepaired to protect themselves from violence or the girl would have been going to daddys funeral regardless of him being right or wrong.
  9. Quigley_Sharps

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    I would be whipping ass and waiting for the cuffs and jail.
  10. E.L.

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    So far I haven't had to worry about it. My daughter's male friends are scared ****less of me. While we were installing a rope ladder from my daughter's second story window (emergency exit purposes) a friend of her's was over. He asked me if I worried about boys climbing the ladder up to her room, I said "no, because I will have more than enough time to shoot them before they climbed that high." :sneaky:
  11. Seacowboys

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    [winkthumb] [axe] [fight2] [nutkick] [gun2]
  12. jim

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    He can plead diminished capacity due to the state of his mind I think.
  13. Conagher

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    Removing his daughter from the premises, is in no way burglary. Now breaking and entering - yes. I agree, the father handled the situation like an idiot.

    If the judge decides that there is sufficient evidence to charge him, then he needs to get the 18 yr old boy charged with statutory rape with his 15 yr old daughter. After all what we she doing there all night? Would you trust the word of an 18 yr old boy that he "didn't" have sex with your 15 yr old daugher after she was there all night????????

    I bet, that will get any charges filed against him, dismissed.
  14. Quigley_Sharps

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    Yea and then after they are dismissed ..... go back to whipping his ass :sneaky:
  15. melbo

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    I make sure to have AR-15 cleaning day at the kitchen table when the new dudes come around for my daughter.
  16. E.L.

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    I loaded Hydra-shoks into .45 mags the other night in front of one.:sneaky:
  17. Conagher

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    [fnny] [LMAO] All of it! [pop]
  18. dukenukum

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    boy fiends

    friend of mine has a good idea let the young man know the rules at the begining the rules are
    this home is not a democracy it is a dictatorship I am STALLIN and my wife is KGB
    3 ft between you and my daughter when dancing .
    clothing is to be full covereage of the body .
    I will meet with your parents before you take her out
    curfews are LAW not just a good idea .
    first offense will be your last all future outings will be chaporoned by me and my friend mr ruger .
    I have the right and will " check up on you " get used to it remember that I am STALLIN so when the cell phone rings you will answer by fourth ring
    I will know were you are at all times leave a copy of your plans if there is a change you will call and I will go and check up on you get used to it the dictator has spoken
    there other rules but you are a smart young you can figure them out remember I will be showing up from time to time .[dancindevil]
  19. monkeyman

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    A family I grew up with tended to nothave a lot of problems from the daughter boyfriend. Her dad was about 6'2" and a solid 275 and was a LEO and gun collector. He had one of the old .50 cal side by side machine guns like they mounted on some of the jeeps and such and made sure to clean it when the boys came to pick her up. Her brother that was just a couple years older than her was usualy there to and by the time he graduated HS he was already about 6'5" or a little taller and built like a tank and I gather made it clear he was also protective of his baby sister. I never did hear about a guy bringing her home late. lol
  20. Tango3

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    I was(just happenedto be ) sharpening my kabar, he asked me aboutIi told him it was part of a special set, came with a matching pakerized set of visegrips for peeling....:shock::shock::shock:[whistle2]
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