ok declares sovereignty???

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Tango3, Jun 14, 2008.

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    It's been amended and is now Dormant and sitting in a sub committee, So don't go packing your bags for OK yet.

    Take care Be safe Poacher.
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    If it passes get ready for another "terrorist" attack.


    A little history.
    The "Patriot" movement in the early 90’s was at its peak and it’s most influential. The Militia groups of the time were respected and recognized for what they were. Citizen home defense units. Many of them worked hand in hand with the local, cash strapped, Sherriff's offices as back up security and search and rescue. Many were very active in local charity work. They were known and respected. Many local LEO's were either members or supportive of them.

    Local and even several state politicians would attend meetings and were often key note speakers at Patriot meetings. And the influence was having an effect. Oklahoma was one of several states that wrote and adopted anti-new world order legislation. But Oklahoma was the first to pass it. IIRC it was designated House Resolution 1194. It was sponsored and signed by 32 Oklahoma State Senators. When it came to the floor it was passed nearly unanamously.

    I don't have the exact wording but it was something to the effect of " The state of Oklahoma will not allow any organization to operate within state boundaries that does not recognize the soverignty of the United States of America and that does not abide by the Constitution for those United States or tries to merge the USA into a NWO. Any organization that would seek to undermine or abolish the USA or the Constitution will be considered an enemy of the state of Oklahoma."

    That is highly paraphrased but it read something similiar to that. It was basically a cease and desist order to any UN or NWO forces that were seeking to establish a foothold in the state. Mark Koernke talks about this in a speech that he gave at the time. I have seen it on video. It was a great victory for the Patriot movement. And it got a lot of notice. Unfortunately.

    It was submitted to the senate for a vote on "Patriots" day, April 19th, just after they re-convened after the Easter break. I am going on memory here, but IIRC it was in 1992, but it could have been a year on one side or the other. Maybe '91. But no matter, exactly three or four years, later to the very day, just a few miles from where this landmark legislation was passed, the Murrah Federal building was blown up. The blast actually shattered windows in some of the very same Senators offices who voted for it.

    They tweaked the nose of TPTB once and paid the price for it. A stark reminder of who actually runs this country, and it's servant states.

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    I didn't know that! thanks...
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    Oklahoma has since become a staging ground for black ops. Remember the "19th hijacker"? Massoaui? He was living in Norman Oklahoma near the OU campus. Some of the tickets bought by the 9/11 hi-jackers were purchased on his ( anglo, Christian) roommates laptop.

    David Boren the current president of Oklahoma University,while in the Senate, was the Chairman of the Senate Intelligence committee that oversaw all covert operations.

    A "disturbed" man of Middle Eastern descent commited "suicide" when an explosive vest on his body exploded at the entrance to the football stadium during a game. He had been denied entrance becuse he had a ticket to another area. But the authorities claim that he wasn't a suicide bomber, he was only out to kill himself.

    The governer at the time of the Murrah bombing, Frank Keating, was the one who while strolling around and looking at the destruction just "happened" to find the axle from the Ryder truck. The key piece of evidence that broke the case.

    His brother had written a book just months before called " American Jihad" in which terrorists use a truck bomb to blow up a federal building.

    He is now a Washington "insider" within the intelligence community and on the fast track for a lucrative political career.

    If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck.

    There's a strong smell of NWO stench in the air in Oklahoma.
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    Minuteman is right,
    There was a huge militia movement brewing just before the Oklahoma City bombing and then it feel apart real fast. Nobody even wanted to be caught saying militia after that. Hell we still look over our shoulder before we say it here. And if it does happen then for sure their will be another "Terrorist" attack here and screw all that up![patr]
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