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    Sorry I was going to try and help, but, I went to sleep during the first video.
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    He's talking about an equation to determine the increase in Co2 levels . The first part of the equation he's trying to bull**** his way through is the increase in world population without factoring any statistics for wars, epidemics etc or plant growth. I like Bill because he was a clever endeavorer, but his global warming drivel is not impressing anyone.
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    Al Gore has lost his credibility (if he had any to begin with), so the establishment needs a new superhero touting Co2 poison control and that humans are to blame, there are too many, we need to kill a few billion, vaccines for everyone, reproductive health services, eugenics, lithium in the water supply is good for you, ignore the sun it's only up for 12 hours anyway...and pay your carbon tax SLAVE!

    Yeah. Gates sucks.
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    I understood him saying that vaccines will reduce human population by 10-15%!...I just saw the text of the poster:
    "The world today has 6.8 billion people. That's heading up to about nine billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent!" [About 1 Billion People!]"

    Can you say genocide?
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    Most people are too stupid to see it that way. They trust Bill Gates, he is after all a "smart" man who became very wealthy discovering stealing other people's technologies.
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    Gates began as a fairly decent programmer and developer, hit his stride as a brutally efficient businessman with NO scruples, but has NO knowledge of science. This crap he's pushing has long been discounted as Junk Science - but hey, it plays well to the sheeple who also know nothing of true science.
    I'm sure The Kenyan will put Bubba Gates on some high-minded Congressional Committee to figure out new and ever more innovative ways to screw the Common Man.
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    If anybody ever mentions vaccines to me again, I'm beating him silly...
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    probably meant reducing the 9 billion number not the 6.8. reducing the growth rate rather then the direct method.

    in any case, vaccines keep populations healthier and healthier people have fewer children. [dunno]
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    OK...I can see the logical point in semantics, but can you explain the logic in the method? If you make better and proper vaccines, you ensure more children surviving, and having children of their own, ergo, population rises...
    If you improve healthcare, population rises, fewer deaths..
    Healthier people have fewer children? How do you figure that? If I'm sick and dying, sex wouldn't be the first thing on my mind!...
    With today's vaccines, look what happens in Africa and some parts of Asia...
    I still think I understood him right saying his vaccines would kill people..
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    more precisely, people with healthier children have fewer children. if you children are likely to die you have motivation to have 8 or 9 instead of 1 or 2 to ensure that at least some 'make it'. especially if you live in a country that has no social safety net and you are going to need to rely on your children to keep you from starving to death in your old age.

    other things that'll cut birthrates are education, equality for women, making birth control methods available, and establishing entertainment industries, especially the internet and television.

    some cazy secret plot to kill us all with vaccines is pretty damn unlikely. and if it does exist Bill Gates sure aint gonna give a speech about it at the TED conference.
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    I can see the logic in your post, but Gates is in charge of vaccinations in Africa, and so far population keeps rising. It's same with all species on this planet. If there are no natural predators or diseases, population is booming! So do humans... As for healthcare and education, it's unfounded to think that it is the way to reduce population or growth ratios. Why? Because of the low living standards! If they are poor, hungry and jobless, how would you educate them? And if new vaccines are the answer, why don't they vaccinate Africa against HIV? They don't have HIV vaccine yet? Bull! They had Swine flu vaccine within a month! They always have vaccines for the viruses they create! And since Billy is member of the "enlighted" elite, we all know whar they want...they even carved it in stone!
    I still think I understood him right....
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