ok i was stopped and found that my lic had no info on it

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hank2222, Jun 2, 2011.

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    ok i was stoped today by the Highway partol motor officer and i was asked to produce another form of id to show them beside my driver's lic..so how many id cards do you have in your wallet

    i have the following id card in my wallet

    CA driver lics
    Az state id card
    VA id card
    Cost Co card
    Bank Debt card that has my picture on it

    i show him this id cards and when i asked why he was wanting more id and i found that the new socalled Ca smart id had no info on it when i was stoped by him for a inproper lane change on the 101 today ..

    he told that my new CA driver smart lics that i had just gotten the month of april had no info on it and when he had ran it through the reader it came up nothing on the card when he had swiped it through the reader that the Highway partol use ..

    the info on the socalled RFD chip had nothing on it and all my info is not on my lics chip to see if it matched the front part of the card ..

    i got a warning ticket for the inproper lane change.. he told that has happened before so it best to call the DMV and have them issuse you a new lics if they have the socalled new smart driver's lics that the dept of Homeland Security is pushing now on the states

    so if your state is pushing for the socalled smart driver lic's
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    I wonder if that the great big 20 lb permenant magnet I ran mine by erased all that data off mine, ...... you don't suppose it did do you?
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    Right to travel does not require permission.

    Privilege to drive does require a license.

    Photo ID/drivers licenses/bank cards/birth certificates/social security cards/membership cards/military ID/urinalysis/blood samples/retinal scan/fingerprints/DNA hair samples...for what? REALLY. For what?

    Either you are born free and sovereign or you are a slave to the system. I only carry a drivers license with me while operating my car, everything else is locked in a secure box fastened to the floor. They can see more ID if they want...right after they get a search warrant. Stupid police...freedom is for humans, not chimpanzees.
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    i do not think the guy was trying to be a p-- about it..he was more puzzled by the fact that it was a brand new lic's with the socalled smart chip in it and it was not working and he had no idea what to do next about it ..he was on the phone with dispatch and it came back that they had a few of them not haveing a info it it..
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    When I travel, and am NOT Driving, or the Driver of the Vehicle, if asked to provide Identification, all they get is my PassPort, PERIOD. This has ALL the Mandatory, REQUIRED, Information that ANY US LEO, TSA, or ANYONE ELSE, needs to know about 'Me", PERIOD. It does NOT give them my Address, State of Residence, or Social Security Number. It does give them, my NAME, Date, and State of Birth, Sex, Date of Issue and Expiration, Picture, shows my Signature, and attests to the FACT, that I AM A Citizen of the United States of America. That is ALL they are REQUIRED to KNOW, PERIOD. The rest is MY Business, and not theirs, PERIOD. It confuses many LEOs, when they ask for a Driver License, instead, and I refuse to even acknowledge that I possess one. One young SuperCop asked me why I was such a "ButtHead" about it. My answer was, "If it is good enough, for Customs and Boarder Protection, it is Good Enough for the likes of YOU." He just went away, Mumbling..... YMMV.....
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    Yeah, some cops are great --true heroes. This fact is sometimes overlooked and shadowed by the ever-growing number of fools who actually support the police state. I have friends and family who are in law enforcement, and it's becoming harder and harder to just get through the day without trampling the rights of citizens. Some cops are oblivious, fully absorbed by their job and actually buy into the FBI brainwashing/training. Too sad.

    As for that ID chip, I see the point in the officer being inquisitive, but you aren't exactly a non-English speaking Mexican, so...common sense eludes some. Everybody is a potential terrorist these days. [loco]
  7. hank2222

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    he had this look on his face like what the heck and it was like when he was sitting there on the bike like what the heck and then he was on the phone and walking back and forth and talking on the phone and when he walked up the car he was like i'm sorry

    he goes i'm sorry but i have to ask you but do you have any other id on you say who you are and i can see them if you have them and please put your thumb on this area of the unit ..

    he walks back to the bike and come a min comes back to me and hand everything back after takeing my thumbprint useing the machine and i'm sorry that it had taken this long and explained to me what had happen with the driver lic's RFD chip ..

    he give me a warning ticket for inpoper lane change and tell's me to have a safe drive home ..
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    He thumb scanned you? Man, this is Kommifornia?

    Sorry, but I couldn't live there.
  9. hank2222

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    some of the unit's there in the Los Angles & San Degio area's carrie the new thumb print scanner in there vehicles and if you been fringerprinted for something in the state's it will come up ..

    i'm waiting for the custom officer to sign off on the container going out and i asked him about the problems with the new Ca driver lic's the socalled smart driver system that the Dept of Homeland Security is wanting the states to go to ..

    he told that over half of them have a problem with them that been issused to missing data to no data on the RFD chip inside the card

    he told me that in one day last week on a couple of stop & hop's where the driver is stoped and all documents to the vehicle load is checked and they found about three of the lics that was checked had no info to missing info on there chips ..

    so that the officer was like what the heck and alot of the officer's in this area of ca are not happy with the socalled system because of the problems that it is causeing for them at time's and it also not right for people who are driveing thinking that there new driver's lic's is right all the info should be on it when ran through the scanner unit ..

    most of the id & driver lic's have on the same info as the front with photo and all the info and other thing on them that matchs the front of the card..but if that info is misssing and the driver think's it the card is fine and they get stopped it going to cause problems for the officer and somewhere down the line for the driver because of lack of info on the card..
  10. Brokor

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    Where I am from, the cops see the NRA sticker on your truck window and they tell you to slow down and have a nice day. Usually.

    End of story.
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    RFD chips are baaaaaaaad news. I remember seeing a video about how easy it is to steal the info on sum the newer credit cards with rfd chips in them. Needless to say I will not be owning any.
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    True Dat!!!...I have a N.R.A. sticker on mine as well...9 time's out of 10 when a L.E.O. see's that and my Supporter sticker for the Sheriff's dept.retirement fund...Well,they are real nice to me and i'm nice to them...I have'nt gotten a ticket since 95'...

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  13. TnAndy

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    I would have said if the license doesn't work, call the State of California....it's not my problem.
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    to me it was funny in away because of the look on his face was priceless because of him just standing there looking at the socalled modern advance tech hand held unit that he was useing dureing the stop ..

    he was like work you piece of s--- and when it did not what do i do now look came on his face..
  15. VisuTrac

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    I'm sorry, but if that state issued id didn't give him enough information, then that's his problem. He needs to call dispatch and coordinate the info.

    I'd not have given him any additional IDs and no way would i give him a thumb print. WTF is that all about? NFW!

    as for RFID and passive scanning, I've got the solution for that. RFID blocking sleeves for passports and id/credit cards. I picked up half a dozen for passports and a similar amount for credit/id cards. Gave passport holders for my daughter when she went to Ireland to study abroad for a month. And to my Father in law whom is currently in Germany. No sense in them advertizing that they are Americans while in foreign lands.

    The govt may mandate the issue of these forms of identity, but I only want the data used in an official situation. Not passively knowing when i've passed by some 'data collection point' , Hence the RFID blocking sleeves.

    Given that you were driving then you are probably required to give id to the police, just like flying on a plane. But I would have only give him the state issued drivers license.

    If you are just walking down the street, in the mall, etc. i believe the phrase is 'Excuse me officer, am i being detained or am i free to go' is the next thing that should be hear

    If you are not being detained for reasonable suspicion of anything, and you are free to go. Do just that, get out of there. Don't ask them any other questions. Because at that point you are free to go so do!

    YMMV. But i think without reasonable suspicion/probable cause they can't randomly ID you just to show you who is boss.

    Again, I'm not a lawyer nor pretend to be but dammit, cops begin to think they are in control. Wrong, I am!
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  16. Brokor

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