Ok, so it may not be so funny....

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    But, I liked it..( I am a warped person can you tell?)

    In need of a good laugh?
    I responded to this site: "pleaserobme.com" as they were looking for feedback regarding people that put all their personal information on social websites like "facebook" etc.....
    Here was my response!
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    Subject: pleaserobme.com

    I have a grand idea...why NOT use the internet to set up "sting" operations, with places such as those with police officers inside? Or, in lieu of that, perhaps a doberman pincher or a rottweiller loose in an empty building?
    (beats the guy in Texas that uses rattlesnakes!)
    But I have to admit, it at least had some merits!
    I mean I'm game for anything to help stop the crime, having been burglarized several times in different locales, and I post nothing on those ignorant social sites! Besides my burglaries were done LONG before I ever had a computer!
    "IF" people are so ignorant and flat out stupid, as to post all their information and the fact that they are leaving and will be gone for any amount of time (eg: travel), maybe they deserve what they get!
    I think anyone doing such a thing should be charged with "enticement of a criminal individual" or "enterprise"...Like encouraging the "delinquency of a minor"! I'll bet some liberal attorney for the defense, could at least argue that the people involved deliberately 'enticed and manuevered their (criminal) clients into a situation where they had no choice'! "Aiding and Abetting" would be a great defense for the criminals today!

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