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Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by VisuTrac, Apr 11, 2011.

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    the US dollar collapses, us working stiffs all loose our jobs, there is no money to pay the bills , not that it matters there isn't any food to buy either.

    Lets say you owe 200k on your house
    property taxes are 8k per year
    and you have 2 truck payments
    oh hell let's throw 25k in credit card debt for good measure.

    are you going to get to keep your house?
    what about the taxes to the community? are they going to come after you for that even though they really aren't providing a service as we are all home schooling, the library burned down because the fire department can't fix their one lone pumper?

    Are we going to turn in our trucks cause we can't afford to make a payment (let alone the fuel)?

    Is Chase gonna send Guido to visit you to get their money?

    Just wondering what other smart folks here are thinking about financial and community obligations post some financial Armageddon.
  2. Falcon15

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    Well, depends on how deep the S is after it stops hitting the F. In many scenarios, as far as societal collapse, if YOU lost your job and the economy collapses, so does the sheriff, deputies...welfare recipients no longer have any food to buy because grocery stores can't afford to stock their shelves...IMO the chaos will begin with food riots and mass looting.

    Banks collapse (to big to fail turns into to big to bail), credit card companies become insolvent (they have no real money).

    People like to trot out "economic collapse has happened before" - using the other countries in the world who have struggled through their own collapse as an example. Problem with that? The US economy was not the collapsed economy.

    They trot out the Great Depression - "that was an economic collapse" they say. Bull Hockery. That was an economic depression, the US still held a gold/silver standard on the (even then) Fed issued currency. We still held a top spot in the world if only for the fact that our currency was backed by solid, hard, cold precious metals, and quite a bit of it at that. Not anymore, not since Tricky Dick yanked the Gold and Silver standard out from under our future.

    We have to remember - a majority of the world's economies are tied so closely to the US Economy that a collapse here signals a huge failure worldwide.

    The only reason countries like Argentina have operable infrastructure of any kind is because there are huge economies out there buying their oil and other exported goods, propping up a failed economy, we won't have that here...in point of fact, I think it will only be a matter of time post SHTF until the International Blue Hat Vultures come to try and pick our resource rich carcass.
  3. tacmotusn

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    imo ..... note please the small letters and no bold print
    Our nations economic collapse will signal the start of the revolution. Those asses in Washington will have to be forceably thrown out on their collective worthless behinds. I don't expect much of a fuss from the police or military. They won't be getting paid anything worth anything either. It will be time for atonement. Many jobs will dissappear as unnecessary overnight. An election of new representatives will have to be scheduled. All military will be brought home somehow. An interim government will have to be formed as quickly as possible along the lines of how the delegates etc were chosen under the original Constitution. All States Governors should be notified to hold elections and send representatives to Washington, but to be aware that those who held office before will not be acceptable. New candidates chosen from the people with the understanding that there will be term limits. 12 years maximum to serve in Congress, Senate, or Supreme Court, and 8 years Maximum for President (total of all the preceeding not to exceed 16 years government service. Pay schedule for the posts to be reset to reflect present economic conditions, and pay raises taken out of the hands of Congress and the Senate. ..... this would just be a start. The original Constitution to be the charter document to look to to get things going again.
  4. Brokor

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    Let me give you all a reality check. In the event of an economic collapse, we will see, at first, more of the same fear mongering that happened recently in Washington. The call to cut government jobs was a RUSE -100% fake. This was designed to keep you off balance and frighten you with the possibility of losing the government (oh my!), because we all know they like to remind us how much WE need THEM, right? The economy is whatever the FED says it is. Period. It is true that "we" have massive debt that can never, ever be paid off. The best that can happen is a shuffling of ledger entries and pushing off that debt to other countries, essentially keeping the bubble at bay. This can go on for a very long time. As a result, we will see an increase in taxation, down to every man, woman, and child and in numerous forms. Carbon taxation is just one of many proposals. The idea here is to create (gradually) a slave race which is accustomed to paying IN to society for the very right to exist, to breathe, and to function.

    Do you actually believe the military is going to fall apart? Get real. Each military person has a contractual obligation, they cannot just walk away if they don't get paid. And I'm not saying that's what will even happen! Remember, the economy is what the FED says it is. This is their reality, it's their game. The military will continue to function. In fact, the best jobs (most of the jobs) will be government employment.

    For all the people who do not have .Gov careers, they will undoubtedly feel the burden the most. And for the ones who cannot slide over into the federal or state rolls, will have to try and make due. The monetary system will always remain what it is --private. The masters will remain the same. The currency itself may take on new appearances, ultimately leading up to a cashless system, but it will always remain a usury swindle. And the people will continue to pay more and more into the system every year. Countries that have been "democratized" will inevitably only end up empowering the global system, not the people individually. Again, this is about total control. Never forget that.

    So, if you have any debt right now...GET OUT. Seriously, get out while you still can. Work camps are no freaking joke, man.
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  5. TnAndy

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    We can all speculate on future world and national scenarios, but that's all it is....speculation.

    All you can do on a personal level is be as prepared as possible for your version of speculation. If you think things are basically going to go on as they have for the last 20-40 years, then keep doing what you have for the last 20-40 years.

    If you think like me, the next 20 years ain't gonna look much like the last 20 years, do something different.

    I think all "I" can do is be prepared to weather out the most likely storms I see coming. To ME, that means no debt, a self sustaining lifestyle as possible, some real money put away for rainy days, and then live with the knowledge I've done the best I could for me and mine, and accept none of us is getting out of this world alive......ahahahaaaaaaaaaaa
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  6. Falcon15

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    Brokor - I have taken some time to think about what you posit below, and I will endeavor to answer these statements with other statements that are totally sobering.

    OK the collapse will start where there is more public involvement than any other sector - the stock market. It does not matter how much money the fed is printing, or how fast they buy the T-bills sold off by outside investors, once the Federal Reserve Note begins it's final descent, a panic will ensue. Not blood on the streets mass rioting panic...not at first. It will occur in the lofty halls of the stock brokerages, and the large trading houses. Hyperinflation - real, uncontrolled hyperinflation - begins on Wall Street, not Pennsylvania Avenue.


    Hm, yes and no. The economy is too large a beast for even big Gubbermint to control totally. It is convoluted in that it involves too many individual factors, namely the United States citizenry, it's individual business owners, countries buying what little exported goods we have, etc. So this is false in the sense that just because it is what the Gubbermint says - is. The gubbermint can, and has manipulated as much as they could through QEI, QEII, and massive amounts of tap dancing, but the Ponzi scheme is so transparent now, even foreign investors are starting to balk at using the FRN as reserve currency. China and Russia have a new trade agreement in place that states they will do commerce based on the Remibi. A second Bretton Woods conference has determined the FRN is not a viable reserve currency and they will be making a determination what will be the replacement. The jig is up and the piper must be paid.

    Again - right but wrong. Right in the fact this is what has been happening for a very long time. The bubble has grown to be so big it is quivering with any breeze that touches it. So many large countries, China, Japan et al already own a huge portion of that debt (Treasury Bonds). What will happen is that we will default on these bonds, causing trillions of FRN damage to their economies. A domino effect so widespread no single country will be spared. Wrong in that they have ran out of room to maneuver. 40 years of non-backed currency came to a head in 2009 when out deficit went from 161 Billion FRNs in 2007 to 1.415 Trillion FRNs (1,415 Billion). It has now expanded to 1.5 Trillion (1,500 Billion) FRNs - Not including the interest we owe the Fed on this money, thanks to Obama's Executive Order banning the Congress from considering that little tidbit (the interest) when trying to (I am laughing as I type these words) "balance the budget".
    Already happening and not gradual in any way, shape or form, it is real now.
    Already here, now. I give to you the sheeple...

    That too is a complex subject. I think when the money is useless and your family is eating whatever the mil rations them, they will have you under their thumb. Until and unless you find something better...this is the topic of much discussion in my lil prepping group.

    Again, yes and no - see all of my above posts.

    Until and unless we the people decide enough is enough.

    They may think they are masters, however be in for a nasty surprise.

    Excellent speculation. If the US infrastructure stays intact and for however long it does, these things may happen. In a total economic collapse though, the infrastructure falls apart in a very short time. Even the individual states are hard pressed to keep their internal systems up and running. What happens when people stop showing up to work because they cannot afford 500.00 FRN a loaf bread, even if it were available at the local store? Throwing an examle like post-communist Russia or post collapse Arentina, or even the Weimar Republic out is useless, because the world as a whole, outside of these places was still a viable economic machine. The US economy is like a giant plane, and the nations of the world are our passengers. The fuel for that plane is the fiat we call Federal Reserve Notes. Cut that fuel enough, weaken it enough, and the engines can no longer support the aircraft, and the entire world goes down with us.

    What this whole collapse will create is a vacuum, a void into which the NWO can step (where do you think all of the Gold and Silver really are? Unless you have some in your hands, can you account for the bulk of the remaining PMs in the world?). They will step in and we will have blue hatted (or watever) goons invading the former US and taking what they feel is rightfully theirs, including our freedoms.

    It is, but not in the way that you postulate. See my above points.

    I want to say this as well, while we may not agree on how it will happen or the finer points of why...the end result is the same. Loss of sovereignty, loss of country, loss of freedom.

    Debt? In an economic collapse, trust me, the last thing a bank will be doing is trying to drag you to court to settle a debt. They will be too busy moving assets to "safer havens" and trying to keep from getting burned to the ground. That is the reality of an economic collapse.
  7. Brokor

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    Incorrect, my good man! Apples and oranges right there. The Federal Reserve is NOT part of the government. They are a privately owned corporation. When I say the economy is whatever the FED says it is, I mean it. They are the comptrollers of the currency, it's their baby.
    I am never wrong about the Federal Reserve. Have been in the past, but after 20 years, it gets difficult to call it wrong. The government plays no role whatsoever. The board of directors are hand picked by the FED itself and the POTUS is told who to "elect". The Secretary of the Treasury is the one who deals with the FED, and he doesn't exactly answer to the POTUS either. Remember, Title 12, Section 95(b) grants the Sec. of Treasury the same powers as the POTUS. That's the extent of government control. The fact that we are in debt and the situation looks ominous, is because the USA must be brought down to the economic level of Mexico and Canada to merge all three. Also, it's as a direct result of branching out and waging global war, which I might add, could return a massive fortune to the coffers, but this is a war for personal profit -the corporations and banking interests profit. They will always remain on top because they have sold to the entire world (almost hehe) their song and story. Yes, the economy will collapse, but it is designed to collapse. It is also designed to permit the most amount of wealth in the shortest amount of time and be easily controlled and managed...and abused. It's the perfect weapon.
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    Awww, another good reason to be out of debt! I drive a 1982 Toyota SR-5 pick-up, am out of debt, and have goats, chickens, meat rabbits, etc. to feed me. Even though the scenario you lay out still worries me some....it don't worry me to the extent it does most of my friends and acquaintances that are riddled with debt and don't know the first thing about feeding themselves!
  9. BAT1

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    They have dozens of think tanks going over this daily. They have engineered this down to a T.
    They will probably call in foreign troops, dissolve the states, and set up regional governors according to the U.N.zone plans. There are many relocation camps just setting there waiting
    But we little ants out number the leaders of this millions to one. We have to keep believing we are the force to be reconded with. Some states have up to 700,000 hunters and sportsmen that know how to track and hunt down prey. War has shown that technology can be beat by innovation.
    That means they will have to use something big in the way of a 'natural' or staged event or UFO holographic illusion to humble the masses into giving up. Don't fall for it.
    I hope the over whelming masses rub the government vipers out.
    All we can do is stock up, and prepare, hoping to be in a remote location to avoid the chaos.
  10. fedorthedog

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    The wild card in all of this is the states. When the take over occurs some governors or states will go independent. Politically I can see the middle states forming a country and telling the others areas to go hang. Utah ad Idaho have a very high concentration of one religion giving them a basic structure to work with and a large enough group of like minded people to control the area. I also think that the surrounding states Wyoming Montana ect would join the. Any attempt at the new world order in the US will not work if the middle of the country holds to it values and keeps the military bases in their area under their control.
  11. Witch Doctor 01

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    I don't see a problem.... when it costs a million FRNs for a loaf of bread.. I will buy a half loaf and pay off the house and the new cars and guns I bought on credit.... i mean those contracts unless theres an ARM involved are for a set amount... regardless of the exchange rate... :D
  12. VisuTrac

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    My thoughts exactly. Unfortunately, I think TPTB will force revaluation of exiting fixed rate mortgages. I just hope i can pay off a big chunk before they get wise to the plan of me eating out of my garden because a weekly grocery trip will be like 5k, biking to work instead of paying 12.00 for gas and making quadruple house payments with hyper inflated money.
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    Hmm my mistake, I was interpreting FED as in Federal Government. I am not arguing that the Federal Reserve is in control of the currency. They still can not control many individual factors, namely the United States citizenry (when and how they spend or do not spend), it's individual business owners (again the same as the previous), countries buying what little exported goods we have, etc. These "wild card" factors are what can accelerate the decline. The issue with hyperinflation is - it is like a wild fire. The citizens of the country will be dumping their fiat so fast there will be a gut of paper in the market - the sudden overabundance of the currency will force a collapse.

    Ah here we agree. I am not in disagreement about the Federal Reserve Bank or the system they designed. I am arguing the chaos factor. The 3%. once this comes to a head, it could be very messy, very quickly.
  14. Tikka

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    If the economy was whatever the Fed wanted it to be 0bama would be bragging about employment being low, all the new jobs etc. The idiots spent trillions and nothing happened; the Fed would like you to believe they are in control and they aren't.
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