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    So Blackwater is getting kicked out of Iraq.
    Does that seem odd? I mean, we own Iraq, have propped up the current leadership, armed tham and train them... Now we are being TOLD to remove a force? I don't see much capitulation in any US foreign policy lately.

    So, If you were a .Gov that knew somethin big was coming... Maybe along the lines of an economic collapse? Something that would see a bunch of civil unrest. You might have need of a very large, very unemotional force like blackwater. But how do you bring that Praetorian guard home without us raising our collective eyebrows? Get them kicked out.

    Also, I think I have seen about 7 cases of cops tasering suspects on the teevee this past week. Is this conditioning for something? Maybe the sheep are being told to not fu** with cops or those in authority or you'll be tased?

    My tinfoil is tingling right now but I have connected a few dots and I don't like it. I sure don't want the entire Blackwater force back here. 5 years ago I was going to go to Blackwater for some tactical training... Now those guys have helicopters and just recently bought a bunch of fixed wing attack aircraft.... [tinfoil101]
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    Glad you didn't join. I'm just waiting for those jerks to come down my street. So is every neighbor. Above the law, not. The dollar must be about to collapse, they will do another N.O. Tasering people after being cuffed really chaps my hide. Tasers are only traveling at 160-180 FPS. They can be dodged or blocked. A metal shield with insulated handles will help.
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    Yeah; saw a case of a woman in a wheelchair tasered to heart failure
    ( She was waving a knife,.but c'mon)
    Wife is of the "Do what cops say" mind,She defiantly said "Well you were law enforcement what would you do!!!I said "ER ..UH... take two steps back?"
    I see it as all to easy to inflict pain and some seem to enjoy it. Hey a baton can be non-lethal too what's next?

    A simple heavy leather jacket would probably limit penetration to a minimal level.
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    This is from PatriotPost.us: (http://archive.patriotpost.us/pub/07-38_Digest/page-3.php)

    Blackwater banned from Iraq

    Blackwater USA is one of many agencies that provide an estimated 30,000 security contractors in Iraq, and the company is responsible for security for all top American officials there. (Four Blackwater contractors were murdered and mutilated in Fallujah in 2004.) On 16 September 2007, Iraqi insurgents attacked a State Department convoy that had Blackwater security elements as the guard force. The ambush consisted of an IED and other armed shooters. Eight Iraqi civilians were killed in the ensuing firefight. The Iraqi government’s response was to blame Blackwater for the deaths and ban them from further operation in Iraq.
    Two questions are in order: First, why did a 20-minute gun battle take place in the streets of Baghdad and not get an Iraqi military or police response? Second, why are the deaths blamed on Blackwater and not the insurgents? Furthermore, since women and children are often insurgents themselves, it would be difficult for the Iraqi government to prove that the dead were innocent civilians.
    A report on the incident by the Iraqi Ministry of Interior says that Blackwater guards were not ambushed, but that they fired first at a car that did not heed a police officer’s call to stop. The Iraqi report also claims 20 civilian deaths. Notably, The Washington Times reports, “Iraq’s Ministry of Interior, which has been found to run secret detention centers, has a reputation for being corrupt. It is also closely linked to Sheik [Moqtada] al-Sadr, who is known for his opposition toward U.S. forces.” Seems to answer the controversy, doesn’t it?
    In the end, the consequences of the Iraqi government’s action may be increased attacks on security contractors now that jihadis have been successful in running one out of town.
  5. ghrit

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    Blackwater is back in business on a limited basis, so Condi says.
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