OKC - A Conspiracy Theory

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mindgrinder, Apr 19, 2015.

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    The explosives data compiled at Kennedy Space Center proved beyond any doubts in my mind that a hydrogenated anfo bomb could not possibly have done that damage, even shaped and placed where it wasn't. The detonation velocity and pressure is just not sufficient to do what they claimed. And I heard those reports of second and third explosive devices being found, funny how those reports were never mentioned again.
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    I was home and watched OKC unfold on the news. I remember seeing and in one case hearing a secondary explosion. The reporters were all talking about it-then nothing. It was never mentioned after that,and I never saw the earlier video clip replayed as they did others. A lot of things do not add up properly. I remember the "experts" being interviewed at the time saying no way was that anfo-again, after a while those experts were replaced by others or changed their "opinion" JMT's
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    just to play devils advocate....keep in mind that with ALL big stories, the narrative changes constantly, as guesses are changed to theories, and facts are gathered.
    That secondary explosion COULD have been a ruptured gas line, a dust explosion, or even just something under pressure giving way.
    IF other devices were found, there should be a chain of custody for that evidence. And that means there must be records of it.
    How much of the early reports I'd just bad reporting? They NEVER get the story completely right, because they never have all the facts to start with.
    In ssndyhook, you can hear the reporters overhead in the chopper, misidentify the weapon found in the trunk, but it was reported as gospel. Only someone familiar with the weapon and close enough to really see it, could have identified it properly. Bad reporting, and yet STILL misreported in most articles.
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