Okinawan Sweet Potato

Discussion in 'The Green Patch' started by Hanzo, Jan 24, 2015.

  1. Hanzo

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    This is really good stuff! Tastes good and is healthy. We have it in our meals almost daily.

    We roast a bunch at a time and keep em in the fridge. They are sliced and eaten as a starch, diced and sprinkled on salads, seared with a torch, and my favorite... Roasted on a kiawe wood bed of coals at camp. The fire seems to bring out the sugars and with the smoky flavor, it just tastes great. We wipe them out at camp.

    This morning, I made a little bit to add as starch to our breakfast. Monkeys likee both ways!

    Pan fried with butter gave it a crunchy buttery crust.


    With garlic and rosemary made it more savory.


    Believe it or not, we might just eat more of it than rice!
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  2. Witch Doctor 01

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    We do NC sweet potatoes with cinnamon, brown sugar and nutmeg... a little marshmallow fluff for color and chow time...
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  3. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    I have to say the PURPLE FLESH intrigues me. Yes I often march to the tune of a different drummer. I had to search for awhile to find a source for the "Okinawan" sweet potato slips. I have been meaning to plant some sweet potato and field peas in a companion planting in such a way as to allow the deer to browse without decimating the plants.
    Only time and trial and error or success will show if this is possible. I am ordering just a few slips for this effort (12).
    The varieties I chose were (6) Molokai Purple, (3) Okinawan, and (3) Purple heirloom.
    The source for my sweet potato slips is; Sand Hill Preservation Center: Catalog of Heirloom Seeds and Rare Poultry
    This will be my 1st order with them, but they have excellent reviews. Check them out.
  4. -06

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    We usually use "porta ricans" or another "red" flesh potato. This winter we just pulled the vines and left them in the hills. Hope to have our own slips next spring. If so will post here in case any want some.
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  5. VHestin

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    I think it's Baker Creek who has the Okinawa Sweet Potato for sale as well. I was thinking about getting some slips, now for sure I think I will, thanks for review, Hanzo!
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  6. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    I have lots of good local sources for excellent sweet potatoes for my AO. But, I like doing things different. My guess is not one gardener in 100 in Florida are growing purple sweet potatoes. So, here I am [alien][werd][soap][loco][dancindevil][freedom][angel] ... a bit different, to say the least. lol
  7. Brokor

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    Hell no. I have eaten some things before which are arguably disgusting, but that stuff looks like putrid flesh.

    Hell NO! [nono] And Hanzo be all like, [drooling] NO WAY, man. Why? [btc]'CAUSE!
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  8. driftz240

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    My wife is Japanese, we met on Okinawa, and lived there after I got out of the airforce for awile. we still get stuff like this at our local Japanese market. also orion beer...hehehe my Okinawan favorite...
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  9. Tracy

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    Hmmm... and it stays purple. That's wild.

    I had some purple beans, but when you cook them; they turn green. What a let down.
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  10. kellory

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    Hmmm, I wonder if it could be used for a dye....[dunno]
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  11. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    My purple sweet potato slips finally came in 2 days ago. They came with a handling/planting instruction paper. They were a bit wilted, but none died yet and they bounced back nicely when given a good drink of water. I am re-researching my info as to which is what type. (never knew before, some sweet potatoes grow and bear fruit on vine, other bear fruit underground and have bushy plant above ground. Last type is bush bearing fruit) Obviously it is important to know which is which and plant and support or protect accordingly. BTW, the leaves are not only excellent deer and goat food, but edible greens for humans as well. I gathered all I will need and I will transplant in cheap plastic 1 gallon pots tomorrow (for real --- no damn procrastination). As soon as they are obviously healthy thriving plants I will release them, by cutting away cheap pot if necessary to get them out of pot, and put them in their hastily prepared final grow location. I am also going to start a 39 gallon trashcan pot of compost tea to feed them later.
    Deer had best leave my well protected and easily visible from RV Okinawan sweet potato plants alone. It could be terminal not to leave them alone. The others are semi sacrificial deer food. One way or another I will harvest something to eat.
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  12. kellory

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    Get you one of these signs, it might help:rolleyes:
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  13. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

    With 20 acres, a lockable gate, a guard dog, a rifle range on property, and neighbors who also value their privacy, a single shot at anytime is seldom investigated. Nor is Johnny Law called.
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  14. Ganado

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    TCS Tac I always thought these were a taro root. Had no idea they were a sweet potato. .. something new and fun. Txs :)
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  15. tacmotusn

    tacmotusn RIP 1/13/21

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  16. Ganado

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    Soz I when I looked them up I saw it was a sweet tater. I was confused not you.

    I just didn't know they could be purple.
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  17. hot diggity

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    I lived in Okinawa for most of the 80's and that was one of my favorite local foods. As hot as it was today I could go for some sweet potato and zenzai, a sweet bean dish served in a cup with shaved ice.

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  18. Hanzo

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    My neighbor (Okinawan) gave me some Orion beer. Not too bad, but still prefer Modelo.
  19. Hanzo

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    Shaved ice yesterday

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