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    I'm looking for a long-term, live-in caretaker for 10 hilltop acres in north central Oklahoma less than an hour drive from Tulsa.

    I'm looking to sell one acre of the ten with open access to the other 9 acres with the agreement any livestock and farming developments be in accordance with a plan we both agree on, and I'm very amiable. Just want to make sure the wrong thing doesn't get bulldozed.

    The soil is mostly rock and clay. There is a pond that is suitable for aquaponics. Goats, chickens, geese, duck, quail, pheasant, sheep, llamas, alpacas can all be raised up there.

    I'm asking 5000$ for the one acre with access to the other 9 under a leasing agreement that will be met by the development and maintenance of the property and homestead.

    Previously, I haven't been to the property in 11 years, so I won't be stopping by much, but I will require simple photo text for certain larger developments.

    I'm looking for a real homesteader couple with a couple years of marriage and homesteading related experience. I am looking for a long term deal here, so no single people. There will be a buy out clause in case things don't work out that will be designed to cover both of us in the case of dissolution.

    There also exists the opening for a hilltop market business. Average traffic has at least 1 car driving by every 15 minutes with new roads having been opened up in the past few years. If one were to grow a demand centered array of veggies, fruit and herbs for sale, there might be a suitable enough demand by neighbors for reasonably priced homegrown organic goods that's they don't have to travel down and back up a 700 foot hill range and minimum 15 miles round trip to purchase.

    More to be added later. Feel free to ask questions and private message me if you're interested.
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    Man, if these opportunities keep popping up in these other parts of the country, I may just have to relocate.
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    The property is well suited for a container house partially buried into the hillside. Plenty of rocks and tires to use for construction as well. A container house, properly done, would be fire resistant, tornado resistant and earthquake resistant. Your three most likely natural disaster type threats.

    Bobcats and mountain lions as well as courts and wild dogs would be your primary predators, though hawks and owls are around too. But a good fence would have to be put up for any long-term livestock raising.
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    Looks like a Backhoe, or small Excavator would be the best piece of equipment, besides a Generater, and a nice Stihl chainsaw....
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    There's certainly a few acres ID like to do that to. One thing I'd like to do is chip up the limbs and create larges piles of wood chips that'll turn into good topsoil in a couple years.
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