Old news, maybe new news?

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    Hey guys. I wanted to post a link to something I wrote about 6 and a half years ago. Mostly in hopes to spark a discussion. The following article is admittedly not very well formatted. I did not actually give permission to post the writing publicly. It was posted by the administrator of a forum I was involved in at the time.

    Treason is What it's Called | U. S. Politics

    The story remains, and although I personally did not post it to the public, I still refer to it to this day. Mostly because of its relevance. I don't declare to be "In-the-know", but I really feel I revealed the reality of what had happened in Libya when I wrote this piece.

    And I wrote it a year before the problem became evident.

    The discussion I want to strike up is, does anyone else recognize the coincidence in America's invasion of Libya in 2011, and the rise of ISIS in 2012? How did they so quickly get funded and trained to be comparable to Al Quaeda? Why is it so odd that we find Ambassador Stevens murdered during this interesting transition between the war in Libya, the problems with Turkey arming ISIS, and ISIS invasion of Syria?

    Something happened during this timeframe. Something that points directly to High Treason.

    The real question is, can it be proven?
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    might be more appropriate to ask will anyone actually try to do anything about what happened...

    I have to agree the whole thing sure looked shady as all get out and SEEMED orchestrated...

    by who? hard to tell who the REAL individuals/groups might be... most of what is and has been happening...

    seems to be by some well hidden group or organization...

    the why suggests that someone needed a boogeyman to create fear n confusion for some new laws n whatnot...

    just my opinion mind you...
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