Old school kerosene can availability?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by hot diggity, Aug 27, 2017.

  1. hot diggity

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    I use a good amount of kerosene for my lamps and lanterns. I've adopted a system now where I'm using a minimum of two cans, one gallon, and one quart to do my refueling. This works, but in every barn of my youth there was a better solution. I have yet to find a can as simple and efficient in design as the old one gallon bail handle kerosene can with a spout. It wasn't too big, balanced well and was easy to control the pour from. I've even found new production one and two gallon cans of this style... in Canada.

    This is the style I'm looking for. Surely there is a source of these cans somewhere in the United States. I know all about fuel cans requiring safety spouts and whatnot. This is a utility can. It could be used for the guy who likes lots of maple syrup on his pancakes. I intend to use it for kerosene only, and would mark it with the traditional blue bands so as not to mistake it for syrup. There is just something that feels wrong about fueling an 80 year old lantern with a plastic funnel and a blue plastic can.

    I'm hoping some sharp eyed Monkey has seen them somewhere and can give me a lead. If not, I will see what my friends in Canada are interested in trading for a couple cans.
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  2. OldDude49

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    IIRC recently made NEW laws to protect us from ourselves... made many such containers...

    pretty much unavailable due to NEW safety restrictions/laws?

    so ya might have a lot of trouble find U.S. made stuff?
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  3. Mindgrinder

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  4. Imasham

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    Don't you mess with the kerosene can plot! Us Canadians have been planning this for years and we won't let anyone stop us! Bwa-ha-ha.

    If you don't quit trying to undermine our monopoly I may have to send CSIS agents to monitor you...you'll know them by the red and white SUVs. (we wanted black but apparently the US government agencies bought out the whole model year).
  5. Altoidfishfins

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    Some drunken college student a number of years back was severely burned when he poured gasoline on a fire from a gas can. The manufacturer of the can, as a result, was sued. Don't think any US manufacturers produce flammable liquids containers any more.
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  6. hot diggity

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    That's why it's called a utility container, and the manufacturer says it's for water, anti-freeze or other non-solvent liquids. Very careful wording.

    I think a disclaimer like "Don't set yourself on fire" should be sufficient.
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  7. Gator 45/70

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  8. Seawolf1090

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    I have a similar gas can that Dad had ever since I was a kid. Used to use it to gas up my motorcycle during high school in the early 70's. That can is stained and a bit dented over the decades, but still going strong. I use it now for non-E10 gas for my mower and small-engine gear. They don't make them like that any more.
  9. Dunerunner

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  10. arleigh

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    When I cant find what I want I improvise .
    Liquid laundry soap bottles are about 2 gallons and I've used them for gas, no reason kerosene can't be used in them as well.
  11. Imasham

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    That doesn't make sense. The same thing could happen using a plastic jerry can and those can be purchased everywhere. I think it more likely that the metal cans now being sold are the safety cans and the old styles have been phased out accordingly.
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  12. azrancher

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    Pay attention to what AFF just said, US manufacturers don't produce flammable liquid containers anymore, it's sad but that's what our litigious society has come to. BTW I bought several of those type cans off of E several years ago when I was buying Gerry Cans for b/t $10-$25 each,... shipped. You should see my Gerry can stockpile, I don't even have the time to check each one for leaks, and they are repairable, just don't braze them it weakens the metal.

  13. arleigh

    arleigh Goophy monkey

    In the boat industry plastic cans are of greater value than metal cans .
    I have personally dealt with plastic gas can on fire "IN MY HAND"
    Steel cans rust , plastic cans do not rust. and are just as easily permanently repairable. I have done that too..
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  14. Imasham

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    That's not correct. The safety fuel cans I spoke of are made by Eagle Manufacturing of West Virginia which, the last time I checked, was still in the United States. Eagle
  15. sec_monkey

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    @hot diggity

    a. upgrade to LED lights :D store lithium batteries properly or use non-lithium batteries. they can catch fire plus explode.

    b. if ya buy old metal cans carefully check for corrosion plus safety issues. certain old cans, metal or plastic or any other material, are not suitable for fuel storage, they are only for decoration

    c. yep there have been several lawsuits, most notably this one Blitz USA Shuts Down, Lawsuit 'Abuse' Hammers Hometown

    according to the article, at one time that company had about 70 percent of the gasoline can market

    this case was featured in stories about lawsuit abuse
  16. techsar

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    @hot diggity

    The only source I have found are various local antique stores. Good, clean ones are rare, but they do exist. Patience ;)
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  17. techsar

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    Of course, if you feel lucky you could try metal encased glass...

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  18. hot diggity

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    I think some folks missed my intended use for this can. Kerosene is quite stable and doesn't produce explosive vapor. It's the weekly refueling of several kerosene pressure lamps that
    I intend to use the gallon spout can for.

    I think if I can keep half century old founts from rusting out, a steel can should be a breeze. You just have to take care of your gear.

    I use 50-80 year old pressure lamps because I understand them, and they produce more light than I usually need. I have solar, LED, rechargeable and wind up stuff, but it's hard to beat a multifuel lantern that will run on Coleman fuel, kerosene, or regular unleaded gasoline.

    Thanks for the offer Sloth. I'm looking to see what distributor would be nearest your area.

    @Gator 45/70, that Etsy link has been interesting. It's making me work out plans in my head for ways to build my own handy can.

    @techsar, that looks cool, but I have had issues with glass in the past. Usually cat related issues.
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  19. sec_monkey

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    :eek: [eek3] was it a cat or a cow or neither that started the great Chicago fire? :( :cry:
  20. azrancher

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    I think it was a cow in a cat house, but don't tell her I said that. [eek3]

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