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Olive Branches

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dr Charbonneau, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. Huh-huh-huh-huh-huh... Be vewwy quiet. I'm hunting wabbit!
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    LOL! Yeah, those people practiced ritualistic torture as a way of life; from infancy, a child would have straps squeezed around the head all the way to adulthood (mostly Peru, but also found in Turkey and in relation with Egypt). The skull was elongated and *surprise* brought about all kinds of health problems as a result....cranial deformation must really suck.

    Of course, there are some very strange facts to consider --the fascination with skull elongation itself raises concern, especially when we see differences in skulls. A normal skull would have 3 plates, but some elongated skulls were found with only two. Then, we have the "alien" question: were they trying to mimic the image of their alien counterparts? Meh...weird. There's lots of unexplained tidbits.
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  3. Those are some real good statements about all this. The mtDNA has shown it to be far removed from human. The skull constrainment has been seen in African tribes even today.

    The question I have ironically throws some light on "Planet of the Apes." That is why I showed the ape image that bears the similarity. I'm no anthropologist by any means. Just curious and speculative in this case.

    One person on another board was trying to tout this as being the "Elohim," who some claim were man's creators and toss out studies about so-called translations of the Bible that, in their words, "doesn't even use the word God." I was debunking that talk. I tossed in a section from Leviticus from the Dead Sea Scrolls on the Library of Congress site. God is most certainly used. As we have been told even on 60 Minutes quite a few years back, the scrolls show little difference to what we have now, save for the presence of some apocryphal books.

    I think this is a monkey progenitor's skull, but it could be an even more common ancestor of life on the planet. HG Wells touched on some of this in "The Island of Dr. Moreau." The novel I've written (and uploaded the first draft at the "chronic" site below) goes a bit further with that.

    Still I find this fascinating.
  4. tulianr

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    If the DNA analysis is correct, it does raise some very interesting questions. Unfortunately, at least during our lifetimes, they will probably remain questions. At the rate that science is progressing though, who knows? We might find out one day.
  5. For the last 15 years I've been working at the question nobody seems to be able to answer, inclusive of the ones who tout the "Elohim:" "How did God get here?" I have a plausible theory, still most of those in most religious faiths can't follow it, so dismiss it. Same goes for the atheists, so it's tough to find a reliable audience, let alone reliable commentary.

    I want to thank you folks for entertaining this discussion, just the same. I find this well... find... fascinating.

    Dr. C.
  6. Dr. Charbonneau's CHRONICLES - Doppel Vision

    You might find this interesting. Finally had some time to mess with some facial reconstruction on that. I found it useful. Also, the short story on that same site has no reference to you as a namesake.
  7. Pax Mentis

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    One of the things that has kept me at The Monkey Tree is that the Christians here are (in general) not as "pushy" as those at some other prepper sites...

    That and the incredible wealth of info...
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    Dr C, you won't be chastised or ejected if you keep discussions in the proper forum. This is NOT a "Faith and Religion" thread. We'll leave this post here for now. Be guided accordingly.
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    As they all seem to have a theory, that applies to scientists also.

    For example
    But, not the whole thing, just two key elements.
  10. Actually, Ghrit, this was created as a generic thread just to talk about anything. I don't see archaeological findings as religious. (Edit:) I just checked the launch post. It's in the General category. It does have the inclusion of religion. In fact, because the subject was about my ambiguous avatar (Jesus Walking His Fish) the thread has "religious discussion" pretty much endorsed from the get go.

    Ghrit, I know we don't see eye to eye on probably a lot of things, but that doesn't mean either is wrong. It just means we disagree. As an example, I showed you a computer modeled concept. The computer tells me it's designed right. No overlapping parts, all sections fit perfectly. If you designed that, then showed it to a potential engineer, then he says it can't be built, would you hire the guy pooh pooh'ing it from the get go?

    Imagine what might have been different during Sandy's cataclysm had people on the coast lived in those. I have my engineering machine back tgether now, so there will likely be some different designs by spring. Just because you can't understand something, doesn't mean it isn't viable.

    E=MC^2 is only the law in an area of the universe where light exists. Does light exist inside dark matter?
  12. I wonder if humans really will revert to monkees someday...
  13. kellory

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    Only if they get our guns. Otherwise, I'll kill the big ape that tries to bend me over....;)
  14. So thinking monkeys will be thunked by non-thinking monkeys? There are those intent on taking those guns and they don't seem to appreciate those who discuss other ideas...
  15. kellory

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    If I remember correctly, an orangutan has roughly a 7:1 strength advantage per pound of animal due to the angle the muscles attach to the bone. If he so chooses to propagate, that could be a problem. I would remove the problem quickly and permanently should that problem... arise.
  16. But are they as fast a climber as the cynomongus?
  17. kellory

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    Don't know. Can they outrun 1420 foot per second?
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  18. look for a red s
  19. kellory

    kellory An unemployed Jester, is nobody's fool. Banned

    On his chest or his a$$?
  20. That would depend on how good a job he's doing of outrunning it
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