Olympic Arms AR-15 Carbine "Plinker" model .223 Rifle

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by NVBeav, Oct 9, 2007.

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    What can anyone tell me about the above rifle?

    All I know about it is that it's for RAFFLE! http://survivalmonkey.com/forum/showthread.php?t=7184 :^)

    Supporting Survival Monkey is something we should remember to do. I spend much more time reading than I do posting; I've learned much more from this network of people than I'll ever hope to contribute.

    I personally think Melbo and Minuteman should have put in 100 slots rather than 50. Buying one ticket will give you a one-in-fifty chance of actually winning something... actually 1-in-16.6 because of the other items. But, more than that, it will help ensure our little niche in society here on the web that many of us have grown to appreciate.
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    I've not seen it but it resembles very closely most all of the AR-15s that came out during the AWB of 94 to 2004. Was semi and had the ability to accept a detachable mag so the rest of those evil features had to be stripped off to comply.

    My first AR was a Bushmaster in exactly that same config.
    After the AWB sunset, I replaced the full size stock with a collapsible and had the barrel threaded for a Flash Hider. I'd say the rifle Minuteman has up for the raffle is as good a shooter as any other AR.

    Oly arms has a good enough reputation too.

    Thanks for the support.
  3. Minuteman

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    The description says it is a "Entry Level" AR-15. Oly's have been around for years and they are very good quality rifles. They are on the lower end of the AR spectrum(price wise). But that is like saying the low end of the Porsche line of cars.

    I am a Bushmaster man myself, but I got this one in a trade with a good friend of mine. I know that he took very good care of it. It takes standard 30 round detachable clips. It is no different than any other "Post ban" AR. It has a Pin on muzzle break instead of a threaded one. But it is now legal to have the barrel threaded and install the better looking "Squirrel Cage" flash hider. And if you like them you can install a collapsable stock.

    A steal for $20 !!!!!!!

    BTW I was afraid that it would take too long to fill 100 slots. 1-50 is pretty good odds!!
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    Given that most of the time ARs start around $1k, the AK polish kit (especialy for an mint condition one with unfired crome bore like the one in the raffel) would be a STEAL at $200 from what Ive seen and if Im not mistaken the radio is about like the one I saw the other day new for $250 and that for $100 you could get 5 slots giveing you a 1:10 chance of geting SOMETHING worth twice what you had put in and posibly worth 10x what you put in, I would say its an AWESOME deal!
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