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    If a person was going to buy a battery bank, to be recharged by approximately (exactly) 2350 watts of panels in a 24 volt system,with an MPPT CC, given an average of 5.5 hours of sun per day, and using 1.5kw per day, ......would he be better off to invest the $$$ in 24V forklift batteries, or do 12 or 6 volt in series -parallel? Given the forklift batteries are 1000lbs plus, and 2 or 3 would be used...would the extra $$$ for battery pad(cement) be justified? In other words, after i kill my 1st newbee set of batts (which wouldn't surprise me to do), and i want the longest life batt set available now(conventional type batts, don't want to rekindle that fire!!) what would the pro's here suggest? It is almost time to research these, and you guy's can reason better than i can about the pros and cons of make, type (gel, agm, FLA, etc) Thanks for any help, and if the numbers seem totally screwy, they might be...my best guess...rsbhunter
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