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    The time to prepare is now. In the race against the firearm roundup in the U.S., gun owners who refuse to give up the freedoms that are their birthright must take their weapons underground—bury them—before it's too late. Ragnar will show you how to do it right.

    Modern Weapons Caching
    A Down-To-Earth Approach To Beating The Government Gun Grab
    by Ragnar Benson

    Other Firearms - Modern Weapons Caching
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    This ain't the first time this subject has come up since I have been here. I thought the general consensus was if its time to cache weapons, then it is time to fight. ? . [dunno].[flag].[gun]
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    Read it, saved to disk for future reference. Damn, I wish the ground around here was less bony and an auger would go in readily. One thing mentioned was the difficulty of pulling a pipe cache back out after a while in the ground. Solve that with a lifting eye on the closure cap. It'll either pull the cap off if "loosely" fitted, or pull the whole thing up if you use a screwed cap. Screwed caps cost more, yes, but the ability to yank the whole pipe out of the ground is to be considered. (Might take a tripod and chain fall, but who's concerned if the fit is in the shan?)

    If the pipe is to remain in the ground, tie strings on the stuff that you can't reach, and loop the strings to something you can.
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    I heard that in WWII a lot of folks with rabbits buried their stuff under the cages. When the Nazis used dogs, they would just go nuts around the rabbits and would not be able to locate anything.
    Now, I don't know for sure that the BATF or FBI have "gun sniffing" dogs, but it certainly is plausible.

    My dad was raised in Mussolini's Italy. They were dirt poor and basically sharecroppers. At one point, il Duce went scouring the countryside for supplies for the Italian army. My dad told stories of how they poured grain into false walls. 'course that wouldn't stand up to dogs or very determined troops but looters - sure.

    Also, in the case of "gun sniffing" dogs - never forget the value of spent 22lr shells. They smell strong and are abundant and free for the taking at any range.
    Sprinkle them around, make trails with them, bury them in piles, seed your lawn with them. Should make a frustrating day for any handler.
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    The answer is yes. They do have dogs that sniff weapons. Burying is no safe bet. The .22 shells would be interesting. Understand that dogs are hit and miss. Not nearly as effective as the handlers claim.
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    I will water my lawn with gunpowder and break free...lol
    n weed and feed with cyan pepper
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    Just got back from a local gun show. From the price of things there I would hope the "seed" planted would multiply greatly. It seemed that the mood was, as Barrys rating went down the prices of the good stuff went up. Who would a thunk it.[dunno]
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    Thanks for the reference melbo. It may take me a while to read through it though. Good Stuff!!!
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    Don't count on caching much of anything today that contains any metal...!!!
    Some "interesting" "visitor's" recently dug up 2 sites near my land...
    This was after a 'fly over' of a small single engine aircraft..( I'm thinking GPR?)
    1 site: 2 vehicles marked "animal control" came in with a tractor trailer rig following...4 men dug up large areas of some "abandoned" property ( raw land), and afterwards refilled the holes and used a tractor with a gannon blade to refill and level where they had been...left only their tire tracks.
    2nd site: Must have been a better dig? 14 vehicles in all, 2 white trucks with utility type boxes on them, ( possibly eod), and 12 new black ones....(Wanna take a shot at the 3 inititals?) Hint: Janet....They dug up a lot of area, and left the area marked with "police line" tape. Numerous holes still open and they also attached a document to a post and one on that yellow plastic tape line....No one has dared yet to venture into the area to read what they say....
    A certain individual, a local well known for his "eccentricities" suddenly departed on an "unscheduled vacation". It apparently was due to some information that this person had "cached" a number of "items" on other vacant pieces of land in the area....far from his own.....Good idea, but it "leaked" out!
    Now, it just may be that there is someone in the area is working with the authorities, or, maybe there were some suspicious activites ?
    No one seems to know for certain. Rumors now abound on this! (small town)
    Now for my own preference....I'd bury a cache and place a fire pit over it, scattering a lot of old metal bottle caps, and pull tabs, even a few melted old cans! One man I know, buried his under some wrecked cars in a friends junk yard! Talk about a "blind"! That is the best I have heard of so far....
    Trouble is, IF the cache is in an open area, it can be detected easily by ground penetrating radar, and it can be distinguished from rock as deep as 20 ft.
    Most people bury their cache in a sideways position...too easy to see, better to have it one end to make the "silhouette" smaller in size. Also a great idea is in an area with a lot of iron pyrite. "Salt" any areas, with scraps of metal from nails to flattened cans, both aluminum and tin types...to scatter the signal.
    The idea of using cayenne mixed with freshly ground black pepper has it's uses...But wet weather ruins it really quickly.
    Seeing as how certain entities are now using heavy equipment....It's a crap shoot!~ I'd put mine in a waterproofed container, weighted, and dropped into a deep stream, or in my particular case, a cattle pond!
    I'd like to hear and learn more about "caching" myself!
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