On illegal immigrants: How will Trump's policy work?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GhostX, Jan 10, 2017.

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    So Trump has proposed that he will deport illegal immigrants with a police record. I'm wondering how exactly he intends on doing this. Will he just wait for these people to get arrested and then deport them? Will he have police racially profile anyone of Hispanic decent and make it mandatory to present proof of citizenship? Or will he have busses going neighborhood to neighborhood and forcibly remove these illegal immigrants from their houses? I think this is an important question to ask because there are no real details about this.
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    IN CANADA I have a Canuk passport & a brit one (born as a stiff lip brit)
    If i was in USA working & had no Green card/pass /Visa
    Whats the question ??
    B4 that happens , pull the food stamps , need to make the ones with the hands out hungry & thinking how to get food, without being a lead stopper !!!

    It's coming
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    I repeat myself. I think you are killing yourself worrying about things you have no way to influence. Based on a large share of your posts, you have far more to worry over than what Trump might do to carry out his stated policies. Frankly, it's way too soon to even guess how Congress will support or reject his schemes.
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    I have little sympathy for illegals, sorry if that offends anyone here. What don't you understand about ILLEGAL?
    I for one think he should start with the illegals serving prison sentences for violent crimes. In the past these people were scheduled for immediate deportation when their jail/prison time was up. However the glitch in the system was countries of origin which would often say, we don't want them back. My solution for that is simple. No foreign aid from the good old USA, nor Visas of any type (work, education, medical, immigration) issued to that country(s) until they accept their criminals back. My understanding is we have 10s of thousands of such people in limbo if not 100s of thousands at present. These criminal illegals need to go NOW!!! Secondly, I know this one is a sore subject for some. Having served in the military and on a military retirement retainer, I have no fear of the "real id act" and think it could help our problem with illegals. No form of ID meeting the "real id act", no employment. Any employer hiring someone not possessing such id subject to fines or workplace temporary shutdowns. SSNs by law are not supposed to be used for id. Just being able to spout a SSN as being yours should not be acceptable for work as many illegals use stolen/duplicate numbers or made up numbers, and is not acceptable under real id act.
    This is just 2 suggestions. One last caveat. Persons using someone else's SSN are doing harm to the real owner of the SSN. If identified and reported to employer by member of Treasury dept in person, this violator should be arrested for false id and fraud, and taken into custody until such time as such individual can be properly identified, and either released or turned over to ICE as appropriate. That individuals last paycheck could be sent to the real SSN holder as a token reimbursement for their ssn/id/tax problems. jmho
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    I agree with this part, "Any employer hiring someone not possessing such id subject to fines or workplace temporary shutdowns."
    Heavy fines and maybe jail time for those that hire illegals. When the work and then money dry's up they will go home on their own. Will not cost the tax payer a dime.
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    What's the difference between an illegal with a police record and one with out a police record?
    One of them had gotten caught.
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    It was not easier for an illegal to get into the country because of obama, they came because they felt like they would get hassled less,
    Now they think they will get hassled more so less will come, the wall is less important than the idea that they are less welcome,
    The most important thing is to stop giving illegals free money and benefits and to jail/deport them that need it,
    We have always had illegals and always will, if they support themselves then fine (mostly).
    We don't want to kick them all out since at least 30% of Mexico's GDP comes from illegals mailing money back home, Mexico has always been a failed state so if it fails much worse we could get half their population crossing the border rather than just 20%.
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    Between the renumeration and drug money that's got to be like 75% of their economy.
    Just think how well off the United States would be if we were not supporting them.
    Hell it would be like the 1950s again where a high school education and a single income could support an entire household.
    Then when Mexico implodes turn the wall into a wall plus a mine field.
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    Something else to take into account with SSNs (no pun intended) is that the people who issue them are Service Representatives...a fairly low ranking job that at least used to, and probably still does, top out at about GS7...probably making in the neighborhood of around $35K-$40K these days. In my last few years working for the government, I saw several cases of Service Reps who made a side business of approving fraudulent documentation for a "fee" in the neighborhood of $150 per. I remember one Rep in Los Angeles who was charged with doing about 400 of them over a period of maybe 2 years.
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