On Patrol: State Trooper in fatal crash was drunk

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    COLUMBUS, Ohio - A highway patrolman was legally drunk when his cruiser crashed into another vehicle last month, killing him, another trooper and the other driver, officials said Friday.

    The State Highway Patrol said a blood test on trooper Joshua Risner showed a blood-alcohol level of 0.08, the level considered drunk under Ohio law.

    Neither Risner's passenger, trooper Sgt. Dale Holcomb, nor the driver of the other car, 32-year-old Lori Smith, had been drinking before the crash Sept. 28 near Gallipolis in southeast Ohio, the patrol said in a news release.

    Risner, 29, had worked for the patrol for seven years. Holcomb, 45, was a 21-year veteran.
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    :( Anybody here seen many drunks on the job? I have seen one or two in my time. Fortunately they were removed pretty quick. Probably to drink on some other job. :mad:
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