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    Pac Man rock




    Monkey and her trail running buddy

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    So Hanzo, do you hunt wild hog there in Hawaii? The last picture brought back memories. I have been to a small remote farm with surrounding looking terrain. It was on a winding road in a remote area of Oahu. It has been so many years that I remember nothing of how we got there. I was part of a Navy Black Powder Muzzleloading club that competed monthly at a local match. Once a primitive match was held on this farm. They had a full sized thick metal buffalo target suspended on chains at 500 yards or so. Each new shooter who had never been there before was offered a challenge; a 5 to 1 payout bet of $5 get you $25 by the owner: 3 shots attempt with your own muzzleloader to hit the buffalo. You could shoot at the Buffalo any time for free, but you would never be offered the bet except the first try / first visit. I tried and failed. Oh well, you can't win them all. The lush surrounding vegetation gave no clue as to where misses hit. One other note on this farm was the wild boar they had captive in a sturdy large pen. Mostly grey / black and otherwise mottled browns. Huge tusks, and claimed it's weight was 427 pounds when caught and transported by pickup truck. They had caught it 2 or 3 years earlier and it was huge. Weight unknown.
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    Nice shots! That is Oahu? Where are the Hotels!! :D
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    I don't hunt here. Would at some point. My little monkey has been talking about hunting goats, because she heard they taste good. ;)

    The trail head is a mile from my house. And it is one of our favorite places to play. Pig hunting does go on in there. I don't like the whole pack of dogs hunting method most of the pig hunters here use. The dogs find the pig, bother the pig, pretty much pin it, then the hunter comes up and sticks it. One of my friends hunts pigs with just a knife and no dogs. He likes the stalk. Much more difficult to get close enough to stick it without assistance from dogs. He has much more risk too.

    That boar you are talking about must be Hogzilla's baby brother.
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    Oahu. The trail head is right up the street. Fortunately, no hotels in there.
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    Monkey and buddy exploring a dry stream bed. They have common interests and have fun together. I hope they can become lifelong friends like @Bear and I.


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    Friends are a good thing. Especially those who are bluntly honest with you!!
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    Your mother dresses you funny.:D
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    Interesting looking place.
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    More really great pics thank you. I have to get to Hawaii someday
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    Why, yes you do, @vonslob.
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