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Discussion in 'Blades' started by Promithius, Dec 7, 2011.

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    Hi all, first time poster. I've been reading with interest the various posts around this site and thought I'd ask what you all think about the warthog knife sharpeners? I have two and realy like them because they are easy to use and produce a good sharp edge, better than I am capable of with stone products. Of course I'm no expert to sharpening.....
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    I bought one for my wife to use to keep her kitchen knives sharp, she never uses it, I do. They are expensive, but a few strokes on the Warthog after each use keeps the knives ready for use.
  3. Have not tried one, but if it works nothing wrong with it.

    I have a "warthog" clone of the kabar model knife.

    sometimes I hate it , then i like it then i hate it.

    My jury is still out on this design. (it is the older first model that they stopped making in like 98, not the newer one. and fixed blade, not a folder)

    I guess I need to dig it out and grab a pic or two and give it a good field trial. So many things wanted done, so many things getting in the way.

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    Stone Tools

    I do wonder why you would want anything other than a good stone?

    The Kitchen here has a three stone NORTON Stone set.

    BOB have a small stone for each knife.

    Better to understand what you're doing when you sharpen the knife.

    Bill Bagwell explains it best and a long ago microscopic "film" proved to me the most often mistake of pushing into the stone V the pull method.

    All bets off if you want to hack wood or bone.
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