Onan Diesel Genset $250US

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    Here's a 12k(DJB?). DIESEL GENERATOR ONAN 12 KW and a 6k DJE ONAN 6 KW DIESEL GENERATOR If I had more spare cash laying around I'd go look at the 6k. Here's a 4.0(BGE maybe?) gas unit ONAN GENERATOR SET another 4.0 Onan Gas Generator - 4000w

    BT...it seems odd to me that the data plate on that 6.0 lists output as 25 amps. IIRC, the data plate on my 4.0CCK shows 33 amps. I don't recall what my 6.5 NH and NHE's show, 55ish amps? Just looked and I figured it out. They're only giving the 240v rating on the 6.0, so it's roughly 50 amps if connected for 120v.

    ETA by ghrit: In order, Ft. Worth, Dallas, Witchita Falls, and Dallas.
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    The Current depends on a couple of things... If it was a Three Phase wound Genend, then it could either be a Regulat length Stack, or an Extended Stack... If Regular Stack, then you can only get About 70% of the Power in Single Phase... With an extended Stack, which has more Steel & Copper in it, then you can get full Power out of it when wired in Single Phase... It also depends Power Factor designed into the Genend... The DataPlate tells the tail, on these factors... Note here: The Yellow DJB is from a Civil Defense Contract and is a Regular Stack Genend... If you find a RDJF, It will be a 17.5Kw Diesel Onan... The Prize Onan in all the J Series... If the DataPlate is. Missing, you can get all the Units Information, posting the Serial Number, which is Stamped on the Block, over in the Onan Forum on SmokeStack.com... They will come back with the Complete Model Number, Date of Manufacture, and Factory Build Sheet... and can supply any, and ALL Manuals , for Onan Products.
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    +1 for the guys at smokstak.
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