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Discussion in 'Blades' started by Bear, Aug 26, 2006.

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    Good stuff Bear.
    Yeah, this new forum software has a way of dredging up old stuff, like you :p
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    Looking forward to seeing the Spec's... 15Kw is an easy do, for my 20 Kw, 240Vac, Diesel Gensets, once the Invert Batteries come back up to Float. Usually in about 3 hours. I can treat that load the same as the Clothes Dryer, and only run it when the Genset runs. Propane is something that is a bit hard to come by around here in the winters, but I have LOTS of Diesel for the Gensets. Momma will like this idea, a lot. I suspect that it is low voltage, (Like 50V) and HIgh Amps, (300 amps) on the coils.
  3. Bear

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    The machine is called a High Frequency Induction Heating Machine - Model number SP-15A
    Input Power is 220 VAC
    Max input power - 15 KVA
    Max input current - 30 A
    Input voltage - Single phases 220v 50-60 Hz
    Voltage range - 180 - 245 v
    Output frequency - 30 - 100 KHZ
    Output Heat Current - 200A - 600A
    Duty Cycle - 80%
    Cooling Water - Water pressure > 0.2 Mpa Water flux > 2L/Min

    I use a Dynaflux R1100 for the coolant...

    There are youtube videos of induction heaters that do it yourself types have built.... I personally wouldn't try it but I'm not a rocket scientist and electrical current scares the crap out of me since elementary when I got a good jolt while soldering a hot circuit....

    Hope that helps... let me know if you'd like more info or photos.... Glad to help...
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    Thanks Bear, Those are exactly the specs one will need to build such a device....
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    that is nice were can I get some fire brick from I been wanting to try some blade smiting.
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    I live in firewood living areas & all our local Hardware places have them in 1/2 bricks for the Airtight stoves .
    If yur im my neck of the woods I know a guy who has a few pallets of them & 10 cents each , take home , dry & reheat ontop before major heat.

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    I live in Georgia
  8. BTPost

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    Large FlatRate USPS Box can hold a few... less that $20US to ship from Blaine, WA....
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    Great thread... Something I've always wanted to do but never got around to...

    Reviving this Zombie just because of it's Awesomeness!!

    I know there are some Forge Monkeys who can add to this....
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