One Good Rooster

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    The old farmer had six hen houses each with several hundred hens. Naturally, with this many available hens, he had a real problem keeping a rooster alive. After replacing many worn out roosters he knew he had to do something different so he went to the local CO-OP to see what was available.

    At the CO-OP, the friendly salesman offered him a "super rooster" for the nominal cost of $1,000 and guaranteed it to take care of all the hens. He thought, " OMG, a thousand bucks for one skinny rooster? But what else can I do." He bought the bird and headed for the hen houses.

    As soon as he turned the rooster loose it made a bee-line for the first house. Such a racket the farmer had never heard. Feathers flew, hens came sailing out the windows, the dust cloud was unbelievable! Suddenly the rooster stormed out of the other end of the house and headed straight for the next. Again and again the rooster blew through the houses, non stop.

    After the last house the poor rooster staggered out, wandered around aimlessly, and flopped in the middle of the yard, legs in the air, tongue hanging out ... dead! The farmer was crushed. He had been amazed by the roosters stamina but now all he saw was a thousand bucks thrown down the drain.

    As he bent over the bird to take it away, one beady eye opened and the rooster whispered, "Get out of the way fool, I'm gonna get me a buzzard!"
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