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    Sub-calibre cartridge adaptors and inserts:

    It may not be practical to have a battery of guns for every likely calibre cartridge that one is likely to glean through trade or windfall in a TEOTWAWKI way of extending the flexibility of the guns that you have is to make use of sub-calibre cartridge adaptors and sleeves. Such devices enable centre fire firearms to fire rimfire ammunition, or same calibre projectile, but smaller cartridge case variants (e.g. .308 cartridge from 30-06 barrel);enable shotguns to fire a variety of rimfire, centrefire rifle and centrefire pistol rounds.

    Naturally with such devices there may be some advantages and disadvantages to be had from using them.


    Greater flexibility in ammo to feed your firearms,

    Economies in using cheaper ammo for training, plinking and varminting,

    You can use calibres that have a lower noise signature when hunting,

    The ability to make use of firearms that have uncommon calibres that may be difficult to supply,


    Slower to reload than cartridges that firearm is designed to use,

    May not be as accurate, particularly at longer distances,

    Are usually single shot devices and will probably be less practical than regular cartridges for self defence,

    (edit)Adapter may jam in chamber if fired in a fouled chamber,

    Shotgun Adapters Let You Shoot Cheap Ammo.wmv - YouTube

    Fire a .22 shell from a 12 gauge adapter - YouTube
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    More info about sub-calibre cartridge adaptors and inserts

    I found some more references concerning sub-calibre adapters and inserts, that may be of interest. The Youtube clip on firing the .32ACP from a Moisin Nagant 7.62 x 54r, shows very clearly the difference in noise signature between each cartridge type.

    Sub-calibre device manufacturers / vendors

    Journal articles all pp26-30

    m91 with .32 insert.AVI - YouTube

    NB note difference in noise signatures between .32acp round vs 7.62 x 54r in a Moisin Nagant long arm. There would be comparable relative differences in signatures between .32acp and .308 or .30-06 fired from a long arm.

    12 Gauge Shotgun Shoots a .357 Caliber Bullet.wmv - YouTube

    Internet forums articles Post by Clark Post #15 Whole thread posts #2,#4,#7 most of thread Mattimoose post 04-08-2007, 10:17 PM Whole thread Posts #8 and #9
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    Thanks for the reference, WD01

    Their prices seem quite reasonable, and are an affordable way of expanding the flexability of single barrel and double barrel shotguns.

    The A$ and US$ exchange rates at the moment make importing those adapters a worthwhile project.
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    my thoughts exactly
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    If I fire even a few dozen rds of .22lr, there's going to be a lot of dead bodies lying around, with guns and ammo lying beside them. I think that this post is made by someone who wants to sell these caliber converters! :) I've got much, much more useful things upon which to spend my money than single shots, in any caliber.
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    Gunkid, is that you?
  9. forestdavegump

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    These are great and give you mucho flexability in the (insert your end of the world term here)
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    Caliber conversions are just another tool available to us - use 'em or not, as you prefer.
    Bad form to trash another man's preferences. Choice is always a good thing......

    I personally find singleshot rifles interesting. I have several. Got plenty other types too. I don't limit myself. Guns have many more uses than simply SHTF defense.
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    i could see this as useful if you only have access to a single/double barrel shotgun and then only the adapters for smaller gauge shotgun shells.. but the rifle and handgun adapters really seem useless to me..

    why would you buy 9mm ammo to shoot out of a shotgun barrel.. it would be horribly inaccurate at a distance.. hopefully it wouldnt beat up the inside of your barrel.. and it would be slow to reload...

    shooting a wrong diameter bullet through a rifle barrel will ruin the rifleing .. so when you try shooting ammo for the gun it willl likely not shoot as well..

    I am probably missing the mark and you are thinking having these on hand as a total last ditch.. every other gun is wrecked and all i have is this single shot shotgun and i have 100 9mm rounds what can i do type of thing, then yeah at least you can fire the rounds toward something but other than that not for this guy...

    i may buy the adapters to shoot 410,20 ga. from my single shot Stevens 12 Ga, i inherited but it would be just to make it easier to shoot at the range or for my kids to get use to handeling a bigger gun with out haveing the big kick at the shoulder..

    At 20 bucks each i cannot see me getting them for anything other than that.. just my thoughts anyway.. unless some one gives me a good solid reason
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    You have noticed through no fault of your own that your .357 revolver timing was off, a round was fired and now the cylinder, frame and barrel are toast. Luckily you were wearing gloves , you still have your hand and about 2500 rounds of ammo (357 and 38 wadcutters, jhp, and a couple of snake loads)

    I'll bet you are glad you have your single shot 12 gauge with adapter. Sure it's a 35-50 yard gun now but it's better than throwing rocks.

    how is that for a decent reason?
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    I made my own adapters....long ago.
    The ,410 adapter is ok, but the .38/.357 adapter was a lot better than I'd hoped for!
    Some things work out, and some don't!
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    A range buddy once made am insert barrel for his old el-cheapo 12 gauge singleshot...... shot .45ACP from it. Quiet, low recoil. Up close, pretty deadly. No sights, so accuracy took some practice.
    He was planning to build a 'set' of barrel inserts in various calibers, mainly as simply a 'design exercise', as he is a machinist.
    Kinda building a dunebuggy from a car chassis. Ugly and limited in what it can do, but still fun.

    A man who limits himself to .22LR semiauto only isn't going far when TSHTF. A good golfer carries more than a putter.........
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    says YOU, right, and you have FACED a silenced semiauto rifle, in the hands of a highly skilled shottist, in thick cover or darkness? :) I'll take a .22 auto loader for which I have 500 rds over a 308 autoloader, for which i have only 10 rds, ANY day. So would anyone who knows jack squat about combat or survival poaching. That is the issue, you know. A 5 lb .22 rifle and 500 rds is just a 9 lb total, same as an M1A AND NO AMMO. .22 ammo is everywhere, centerfire ammo is not. Especially if you stupidly choose something besides 223 for your shtf rifle.

    Since you can have a 22lr SEMIAUTO conversion unit for AR's, AK's, and Mini-14's, from Ciener Firearms, for $150, why bother with single shots, hmm?
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    He's BAAAAAAACCCCCKKKK!!!!!! Missed you gunkid...
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    Yes he is!
    Replete with his subsonic ammo amd silenced .22..!
    Good Lord!
    ( I wonder if he personally knew Annie Oakley by chance?)
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    About a month....... guess it's 'walkabout day' at the Home. Wish they'd supervise them on their outings.......
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    BWAHAHAHA!!!!! Our monthly entertainment is back. Good to see ya, Gunkid. Now go away and play nice with the other Home inmates....... [loco]

    And right back atcha..... how many armed opponents have YOU faced? You speak from zero experience, and reading a few books. Your MO and rank sillieness never change.
    You KNOW we'll just laugh at you and spank you, why put yourself through the trouble? I never could understand the Troll mentality.
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