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    King County, Washington — A customer enjoying his morning coffee in a 7-11 store found himself witness to a man swinging an axe at another customer and then attacking a clerk with the same grisly chopping tool. Fortunately, this customer had a concealed handgun, which he reportedly used to neutralize the threat.

    Although the attacker, who wore a mask and never said a word during the bizarre episode, did injure the store employee, the concealed carrier shot the bad guy before it got worse. A local news report said “the clerk suffered minor injuries to his stomach.”

    It’s unclear what the goal of the attack may have been, considering that the crook’s first move was to swing his hatchet at a customer then attack the clerk–without ever uttering a word demanding money or anything else.

    EMTs pronounced the axe man dead at the scene, and police had nothing but kind words to say about the customer who ended the attack:

    King County Sheriff’s investigators say the customer who shot the man appears to have done nothing wrong, and they are happy he was there to intervene.

    - See more at: Customer Saves 7-11 Clerk From Axe-Swinging Masked Attacker -

    - See more at: Customer Saves 7-11 Clerk From Axe-Swinging Masked Attacker -

    Customer Saves 7-11 Clerk From Axe-Swinging Masked Attacker -
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    One has to be prepared for life....this man was able to save his life, the clerk and others being properly prepared mentally and physically!!
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    On a side note I know the King County Sheriff Marine unit well. Spent 2 weeks with them 2 summers ago. Good group of guys.

    I spent the Sea Fair week with them on the race course on Lake Washington. I am in their 44 ft SAFE boat and they were on my SeaDoo SAR demo

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    Mean while in Idaho, the state legislators are working on making us a constitutional carry state.. Now we wait for it to come out of committee or see if the southern contingent blocks it...

    Great post @AD1 , another example of someone who is prepared to step up when needed...
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    Excellent, @Dont. We're a constitutional carry state. I rarely carry, but it's great knowing that if you're packing a piece for your protection you won't get in trouble.

    You can still get a permit and it allows you to carry in more places as well as 35 other states. It also allows you to bypass the background check when making purchases.

    It's well worth pushing for. Write those legislators and let 'em know! I used to live in northern Nevada and knew a number of good people from Idaho, including my neighbors from Kellogg. Worked with a guy from Couer, and a few others from Challis.
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    To that end(of a bad guy) I carry USCCA insurance for the above reason. You can be justified in using deadly force, but that does not mean it wont cost you everything you own do defend yourself from both potential criminal and civil suits brought against you.

    I recieved this email this morning from USCCA and it fits perfectly into this narritave.

    I have no connection to USCCA nor do I receive any compensation from them.

    I have been a member for 3 years.

    A Shocking TRUE Story of Armed Self-Defense
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    good shooting Tex
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