One more reason for E-Gold and stuff like that.

Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by MicroBalrog, Mar 20, 2007.

  1. MicroBalrog

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    Down here in the desert, the Israeli government has used some form of legal argument (I don't know precisely which) to lean on our credit card companies and to force them to introduce corporate policies to prohibit the use of Israeli credit cards to pay for online gambling abroad.

    Now I don't gamble, but this sort of stuff gets me paranoid.

    And I asked myself: suppose I were a gambler and I had an e-gold account or a PayPal account - I could circumvent this. I also would be able to circumvent this if they were to ban payments to whatever other sites they don't like next (they have a Knesset bill to force providers of block 'violence-promoting' websites, as a matter of fact, hasn't passed yet though).

    So - is this a good argument for E-gold? What do you people who know better think?
  2. Clyde

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    That all depends. If you look up e-gold & digigold, they seem to have problems. I like the concept, but woud prefer to have a credit card in someone elses name and just use that for my online stuff as it would be more private so long as I only used it properly.
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