One more reason not to trust your government

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    <IFRAME style="POSITION: absolute; WIDTH: 10px; HEIGHT: 10px; TOP: -9999em" id=twttrHubFrame tabIndex=0 src="" frameBorder=0 allowTransparency scrolling=no></IFRAME>Here's an old wound we Native Americas are well familiar with... North Carolina is one of about a half dozen states to apologize for past eugenics programs,

    U.S. News - NC panel: Sterilization victims should get $50,000
    Edit to add... Problem with history is it keeps repeating itself... not the first time something like this has happened... and surely not the last.... I'd wouldn't be quick to trust your government has your best interests in mind... if they did things like this would never happen

    [​IMG]Another Edit to add...
    The 27 states where sterilization laws remained on the books (though not all were still in use) in 1956 were: Arizona, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, West Virginia, Wisconsin.<SUP id=cite_ref-35 class=reference>[36]</SUP>
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    Of course you should trust them ... if you are one of the "right" people this would never happen... [stirpot]
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    Yeah but being born a Red Skin makes me more left than right... most of you here dont know this but the BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs) had the very same program ongoing during the same time period and did this to tens of thousands of my race...

    Yup I definitely a Lefty...
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    Just wondering how red you are Grandpa? When I first began the long journey (still not complete) to proving myself a Shawnee I was astounded to see that with the exception of one fellow, every last person pictured on the tribes website is even whiter than I am and I'm pretty dang pale until the summer turns me red.
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    That's astounding ! Where can I find out more about this ?
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    Half Apache Half (European) Spanish... my parents met there in Spain while my dad was stationed there... I still got family over there, pretty country... wouldn't mind living there... if I ever won the powerball that is
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    I'm german-jewish on one side and scottish creek mixed on the other being 1/8 creek but I know very little about them other than there is not many left. It looks like my ancestors all fall into the undesirables.

    This is the work of some very sick people that have a special place in hell waiting on them.
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    You me and all the rest of the "undesirables" in this world should all get together for a beer then take a photo to send to these folks... just to let em know we don't kill that easy
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    If they were neutered how do they have any descendents ? foosedfoosed
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    The Shawnee are one of the Eastern tribes which are quite different from the inland "red" Indian we think of from movies and TV. The squatty bodies as my Grandmother used to say, come from Asian descent while the Eastern tribes are completely different DNA. Plus the fact that they had contact with European races for millennia. My wife and I are both of Choctaw descent, we are both fairly light skinned and have light eyes. The Choctaws were known for their height, and red hair, and facial hair is very common. On our website it is hard to tell the full bloods from the mixed. Our chief could pass as just a tanned European.
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    Sweetie is 1/2 Odawa, 1/2 Dineh. Parents and she and Bunny (our son) are Canadian. Both her parents were removed from their families at age 6 and put into a residential school. Fortunately, her Dad escaped when he was 17 and actually went out and had a very successful career, retiring quite a few years ago from Haliburton, his last job being training coordinator/supervisor for the middle and far east.

    The stories he and his wife tell about their experiences in the residential schools are horrifying! Especially Sweetie's mom. Her mom got a rather sizable settlement from the Canadian gov't last year, but that in no way makes up for what she went thru. Her dad, like I said, managed to escape and do good in life, but his stories are pretty grim also.

    So it ain't just here in the U.S. that the NAs were treated really badly.

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    Absolutely one of the most shameful episodes in Canadian history (among quite a few, I might say). The only excuse is that, for the times, they (the Government, the Church) thought they were doing the right thing....I guess the idea was to make the NAs assimilate if they were raised away from their homes. And it might have not been as bad as it turned out except there seems to have been a great many sadistic people involved....officials, nuns, priests, "brothers", et al.....the horror stories abound of every kind of abuse. Shocking almost beyond belief. In light of hindsight, looking back now over the last half to three-quarters of a century, it was a dreadful thing to have done, to take the wee ones from their families. As you say, TX, no compensation can make up for those experiences but at least it gives recognition to the fact that terrible wrongs were committed against innocent people. I know other countries did the same thing (Australia, New Zealand, e.g.) to their native populations, with much the same results as in Canada.

    I live very near to a res. and know many of the folks there. My daughter (the one who died recently) was a member of the Band's women singer/drumming group and when they were performing at Powwows we would go to see them.....I loved the special way I was treated because I was an "elder", even though I was not NA. Such courtesy and respect....which I have never received in any "white" gathering, let me tell you!

    There is still a long way to go in our treatment of the NAs, especially in the Far North, living conditions in many cases are appalling and lacking the most basic necessities. I don't understand why it is so hard to do something for these folks, it's not as if we are a poor country. Perhaps it's a case of "out of sight, out of mind", because they are so far away from the centre of Government. It hurts me when I see pics of conditions in those places.....and to hear of the suicide rate among the youth. Still lots of work to be done to make Canada a good place for everybody.

    Canada has lots of blots on its copybook....its treatment of the Chinese who built the Railroads, the Japanese (in WWII, although just about every country with Japanese and German residents interned those residents during the war and I can understand why, even if it is not PC to say so!), Jews, Italians, you name it....discrimination was alive and well in Canada. Except for the escaping black slaves from the U.S. - they were welcomed (at least as far as I know) and most did very well in Canada.

    However, overall, Canada is now a pretty good country and has learned much from its past mistakes. Not perfect yet by a long shot, mind you, but we can all live in hope, lol. Perhaps that is one of the reasons why we go a bit overboard with anti-hate laws etc. - an effort to make up for past wrongs.
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    Thanks, but I don't need any more reasons.
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    in NC the descendents include pre existing childeren.... as many had kids prior to sterilization...and depending on who's table you use many of us could be considered native amarican... we have 1/16th cherokee which ondr the 1/32nd rule of lousiana makes us Native American... or more commonally slurred as "Red Bones"
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    My grandfather one told me that when he was a kid this was before 1920 he with his brothers and sisters were looked down on in some circles because their mother was full blood creek indian much like having one black parent would have been at that time. This was in Alabama not a state that has a large Native American population.

    I guess if you are not living something like this it is easy to look at it as something that went on in the long past. Rather than in our life time or still going on.
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    They are like potato chips you can't stop....
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    Our gubs propaganda machine has never been lax in it's duties. They play us like kids and get away with it because we want to believe that honesty, truthfulness, honor, and dignity are their benchmarks. The truth is a far cry from what is percieved and most we will never know about.
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    I wonder how many other untold stories there are that never made it in the history books. It's no wonder mankind will ever learn from it's mistakes. Sounds like something Hitler would have done.
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    Hitler did have lots of eugenics programs but he also took a more straightforward approach to getting rid off people. Almost every country on earth has in the past or do have some kind of eugenics program/s most we will never know about or not until after the damage has been done.

    I for one don't trust any government they all lie cheat and steal. No matter what they tell you, it is just a self serving monster feeding on anything or anyone to reach the ends it seeks.
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