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    NYPD Intelligence Division Officer: “We Are in the Business of Scaring People”
    December 7th, 2007

    Seeing these fascist pigs standing around reminds me of the film, Michael Collins; where the IRA started walking up to British agents and shooting them where they slept and stood. (See: The Cairo Gang Assassinations.)

    Obviously, I’m not suggesting that you should shoot these fascist pigs, because that would be a waste of your time and energy. The state will just mint more fascist pigs after it tortures and kills you for your effort.

    For Americans, taking your money off the table harms the people who are behind all of this madness much more than shooting their minions.

    Via: Popular Mechanics:

    No one sees them coming. There are no flashing lights, no sirens. The black Suburban simply glides out of Fifth Avenue traffic and pulls into a no-parking zone in front of the Empire State Building. Moments later, four men spill out in combat helmets and heavy body armor: Two carry submachine guns; the others, snub-nosed shotguns.

    Camera-toting tourists stop jabbering and stare at this intimidating new presence, their faces a mixture of curiosity and fear. Even jaded New Yorkers, many of whom work inside the midtown Manhattan landmark, look impressed.

    A stone’s throw down the sidewalk, Abad Nieves watches the scene unfold. Nieves is a detective with the Intelligence Division of the New York Police Department (NYPD). Casually clad in slacks and a black leather jacket, he monitors the response of people loitering in the area. Is anyone making notes or videotaping? Does anyone seem especially startled by the out-of-the-blue appearance of a heavily armed NYPD squad?

    On this day, Nieves doesn’t see anything overly suspicious, but he is pleased that the deployment created a strong impression. Known as a Hercules team, it makes multiple appearances around the city each day. The locations are chosen either in response to specific intelligence or simply to provide a show of force at high-profile sites.

    “The response we usually get is, ‘Holy s—!’” Nieves says. “That’s the reaction we want. We are in the business of scaring people–we just want to scare the right people.

    “Clearly, New York is way in front on this,” says Brian Michael Jenkins, a terrorism expert with the Rand Corp. “As the threat gets more diffused, we are going to have less of the kind of intelligence that can be picked up by the feds. We are dealing now with threats that are deliberately operating under the radar. Therefore, we have to aim the radar lower, to the local level.”
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    Welcome to Giuliani's New York.
    Just gives you warm fuzzy feelings about taking it national, doesn't it? [patr]
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    If I was walking down the street with a ccw and saw an unmarked car and armed personnel without identification storming a national landmark I would be tempted to defend that landmark with lethal force...go figure it could turn out to be the "good" guys.
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    Sounds to me like its largely intended to desensitize the populace to this kind of thing so that it gets to the point of simply evoking the same reactions as seeing a black and white roll down the street so that there wont be an outrage when they put teams like these on every corner, just to keep us safe of coarse.
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    You're right of course. The whole point of the article wasn't the team exercising infil/exfil it was the undercover guy watching the civilian's reactions. Show a little bit too much interest and suddenly you're a "person of interest." You may have to ride down to the station to answer a few questions about why you looked a little too upset.taser1
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    Xactly the way I saw the article Rodge. That's why I posted it. Good catch.
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    Seems the same kind of thing as the case awhile back of teams of 'white jumpsuit wearing' people stopping cars and wanting to search them for no apparent reason. No direct LEO involvement, no warrants - just gauging people's reactions to being stopped and searched. Most sheeple complied. Some complained AFTER the fact. Few challenged the searchers. Yes, indoctrination progresses well . . .
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