One Star US Flag?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ISplatU, Jun 18, 2011.

  1. ISplatU

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    Ok, I have passed this new mail jeep for a few days, in frount of the dodge dealer, or should I say GM, or goverment motors. Today as I drive by I notice that the flag has just one star in place of the fifty states stars. To me this is a big deal. We are not one government state but that is what they are pushing. Anyone else see any more of these.

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  3. Sapper John

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    Nope,I haven't seen it,but I will keep my eyes open...
  4. chelloveck

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    Pear Shaped Lone Star Flag Decals????

    The flag decals look like they could be from a batch of Lone Star flag artwork that went pear shaped. I don't know what you guys are all getting so excited about, it could be worse....the canton of the US Flag could be a hammer and sickle after all! ; )

    On another note....your country has a state flag that has the Union Jack in the upper left canton.....I guess like Australia, some places find it hard to give up on their colonial connections with the mother country.
  5. ghrit

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    I'll be watching for that when I'm out of this town. All the rural delivery guys don't have "official" vehicles. Time to ask some questions in your town PO.
  6. Gator 45/70

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    Mystery solved...
    We are now part of Texas...
  7. ISplatU

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    This is the "fundamental transform", or "change" we have been waiting for. No wonder Obama will not let Arizona, or any other state, do there own thing, because they will be Incorporated soon.
  8. UGRev

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    erm.. that's the LIBERIAN flag.. wtf is it doing on a USPS jeep?
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  9. chelloveck

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    One conspiracy theory solved.

    Quote from Ugrev

    One conspiracy theory solved.....and another one started : O
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  10. Hispeedal2

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    Um, before I would jump to conclusions and declare the stars aligned for the second coming, I would stop and ask more questions at the dealership. A couple things jump out like:

    1) To my knowledge, the USPS no longer uses jeeps. The only vehicles they use besides the large trucks that generally deliver your mail are the POVs of the rural carriers which generally have not USPS markings at all.
    2) Jeep has been known to appeal to the history of the Jeep for new sales. Take for instance the new "willy's" model they did for awhile. To any real Jeep owner, they are an abomination. It takes more than OD paint, TP (tire pressure), and a white star to make a real Jeep ;) More than likely, this was either corporate or the dealership trying to appeal to the historical mail jeep of yesteryear.
  11. Brokor

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    My local post office still uses the box-style jeeps. They are still being manufactured.
  12. ISplatU

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    The Liberian flag has only 11 stripes, and the blue rectangle is a square. So not on the Liberian flag.

    Also, the postal service in this town does not provide cars, so you have to buy you own.
  13. Ivan

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    probably more expensive to get it painted with the fifty stars and corners must be cut.

    or perhaps they know something we dont about puerto rico or DC getting statehood soon. or one of the big ones(texas and California im looking at you) getting split up or even the dakotas getting stuck together and dont wanna have to repaint it so soon to change the stars.
  14. Seacowboys

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    It is a right-side drive vehicle manufactured in the US so it probably is a mail vehicle for the Postal service; nothing else make sense, AL. The flag decal is exactly something that they would try to slip by us in an innocuous manner, such as on a service vehicle that we see each and every day. Think about how the swastika started showing up around Germany, it didn't appear on every .gov building over-nite. I will bet anyone on this site $100.00 that there will be a 'Unity" movement at .gov level touting this within 90 day (everything in government takes 90 days). We'll start seeing them on TSA employees, outside TVA buildings, at Park Services and the Grand "O" will have one flying in the background at a speech before the UN.
    Nothing Happens at .gov level by accident. They'll have some smiling beautiful talking head on "Good Morning Amerika" selling it soon.
  15. Seawolf1090

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    Down here in north Florida, the old Postal Jeeps are no longer official USPS vehicles (replaced by those little 'stepvans' we see buzzing all over), but many rural mail carriers still own them. A neighbor of my parents uses one for her part-time postal job, and another guy runs several, 'subletting' them to his employees on rural routes.
    Our USPS also uses Dodge Caravans, but more for utility work, not route deliveries.
  16. Hispeedal2

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    This is what I have seen. In the 4 states I have lived in in the last decade, I haven't seen a single Jeep USPS vehicle. The last time I saw one was circa 1980-something. All have been replaced by the "stepvan" that Seawolf mentioned here ^.

    For those on a rural route that still see Jeeps being used, are they DJ-style box jeeps from earlier than 1980 or are they "new style" TJ or later models? My guess would be they are old fleet. The old fleet was of CJ origin (actually modeled the DJ). The one posted in the OP is a new model Jeep. I am still going with good marketing- right side drive and all. Unless someone can show me a new contract that state Jeep is once again making USPS vehicles.

    The above pic is no more a gov't vehicle than this one:

    And someone will buy it.

    This indicates that the RH drive Jeeps are special order Wranglers only available from the factory:

    Wiki Indicates that the 2 USPS carrier trucks are Chevrolet/Grumman LLV(Long-Life Vehicle) and the newer Ford/Utilimaster FFV (Flex-Fuel Vehicle). The only new contract I could find was a new one for an electric truck that has not been won yet by any company.... the Wrangler is not electric. Interesting enough, the GM variant is built off an S10 and the Ford variant is built of an Explorer.


    The old DJ is on the Jeep website in the history section:
    Or on Wiki:

    The Jeep experts here had the same discussion. As they indicate, the RH-drive was an option on the TJ Wrangler. They were never purchased by USPS. It was simply an option for special purchase. Was this one actually used as a carrier- probably. Rural carriers use their own vehicles. In that case, an individual likely placed that sticker there. I might be worried if we were looking at new fleet vehicle that is in wide-spread use. Even then, I would likely chalk it up to the fact that they were going flashy and that decal was cheaper to produce than a 50 star version.
    From the ^ forum:
  17. Ivan

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    no, it appeared in the hands of people on the streets beating the s*** out of other political groups on the streets and having running gun battles with communists, republicans(in the pure sense, not our kind), and various others.
    movements make flags flags dont make movements.

    also, ill take that bet. it has to be that flag though. if we get turned into a fascist dictatorship but retain the current flag or adopt the eagle flag or somesuch i still win.
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  18. ISplatU

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    Sorry it has been so long since I posted I just worked out of town doing 14 to 16 hours days. hard to do that, but I am just happy to have work again.

    Well, this is a brand new jeep just put on the lot for sale. Has not been used. It is for sale in hopes a postal employee will buy it. Still the same, it came from GM like that (IMO).
  19. Seacowboys

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    If it had eleven stripes instead of 13, it would be a Liberia Flag.
    Found these on Amazon for sale for $45.00 a set.
  20. VisuTrac

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    I'm going to go out on a limb here (i'm a monkey ain't I) and say that there is nothing nefarious going on here. It's a marketing types stylized flag.

    But it does sound like the unofficial Mississippi Flag from 1861 described here
    Mississippi (U.S.)
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